The Best Night Fishing Lighting System? The Bivelite Bivvy Lighting and Pressure Mat System Review

This week’s tackle review is the new Pressure Mat Lighting System from Bivelite.

The Bivvy Lighting and Pressure Mat System is an pressure activated lighting system, ideal for any night fishing situation.

I’ve been looking for a product like this for a long time, but does this lighting system by Bivelite really live up to our expectations?

Thanks for reading and let’s get started…

The Review

My first thoughts of the Bivelite lighting system was how great the quality all the components are, that are included in the system.

The light system has been purposely designed for anglers who prefer not wear a headtorch while sleeping whilst night fishing, as this can be uncomfortable to some.

The bivvy light system includes the following:

  • Two bivvy lights, one is a reading light and one is runs light which turns on when pressure is applied to the included pressure mat
  • Includes a control box so you can easily switch from the reading light to the activated runs light
  • Comes with a camo velcro bag to keep all the items safe, such as the included wires, lights and control box

The lighting system is fairly simple to set up and pack away after a few attempts. Magnets are included in the system which are handy for attaching the lights to anywhere you wish on your bivvy, but if you are prone to losing small things, a coin (not copper) will work just as well for attaching the lights to the bivvy.

The whole lighting system is run on a single 9 volt battery which is impressive achievement and should last you a decent amount of time.

Being a wired system this may put off some anglers but the wires included are of high quality and are long enough to be used on larger bivvies.

The lighting system includes a bivvy mat but the pressure mat system will work in conjunction with any other bivvy mat. Simply slip the pressure mat inside your chosen bivvy mat or put it underneath it and you’re good to go!

How can it be better?

Below is a list of my thoughts on how this product can be improved in the future.

  • A wireless system kit that includes two lights, a run type light and a reading light
  • Optional modular light system including a waterproof light or led strip, which could be purchased separately
  • A non camo option for the lights and mat
  • Although I had no issues myself, it would of been a nice touch for the bivvy matt to have been gripped on both sides

After talking to Bivvylite, I believe they are working on a wireless system and could possibly include multiple different types of lights like I mentioned above, so look out for this on their website or Facebook page.

What’s the verdict?

This lighting system by Bivelite is of high quality and would be great for those who dislike wearing a headlight while sleeping during night fishing and want to go from their bedchair to rods without faffing around in the dark trying to turn on a light.

The system is lightweight and doesn’t take up a great deal of space and is highly recommended.

How much and where can you find it?

The Bivelite Bivvy Lighting and Pressure Mat System is retailed at £39.99. It can be purchased on eBay or BivvyLite’s own website.

UPDATE: Sales of the product are on hold at the moment but you can contact Dave Law here for enquiries about the mat.


Thanks for reading our review of the Bivelite Bivvy Lighting and Pressure Mat System.

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Korda’s New Distance Sticks Are Causing Controversy, but Why?

Korda Distance SticksThis week, carp tackle masters Korda let us in on a new product, a stylish pair of distance sticks in conjunction with Jag products.

After the details of the product emerged this week, it seemed to of created an uproar throughout the angling community but why?

Let’s take a closer look…

What’s causing the controversy?

Most of the controversy was caused by the pricing of the product as it will retail for around £60. Which is around three times as much as most distance sticks currently on the market.

For a product that helps to cast to a certain distance every time, is it really worth the £60 price tag, let’s take a closer look at these distance sticks by Korda/Jag.

Korda Distance Sticks close up

But why the price?

After the backlash of comments on social media, Korda hit back with the main reasons for this pricing strategy. In their comments they mention they have spent a huge amount of time and effort into developing and designing this product to make it truly special.

The sticks itself are made mostly from high cost stainless steel and produced by one the best metal manufacturers in the angling trade.

The other features of the sticks include:

  • Excavator auger point (teeth gripped ground point)
  • Distance cord and slot in the sticks
  • Indented ridges to prevent your line from slipping when wrapping up
  • A stainless steel T-bar and slot in the sticks, this will allow you to get the sticks into any ground with ease
  • Tapered isotope holder at the top of the distance sticks, making it super easy to wrap up in the dark
  • Super stylish gun metal grey finish

Is it worth the money?

If you’re fan of Korda/Jag products, these could be the distance sticks for you. Jag has a reputation for highly priced top quality products so this price represents the brand itself. If you want highly reliable sticks that you can take anywhere and will last forever, you may want to check these out.


Although with £60 you could buy a decent(ish) carp rod, reel or weighing scales. But if you’re happy with the kit you currently have and want a high featured, well-designed pair of distance sticks then I would highly recommend them.

When are they set to be released?

Currently no date has been released, but Korda have said the distance sticks will be available from the end of October 2016.

Update: The Korda Distance Stick have been released you can find them here.


Korda Distance SticksThanks for reading our closer look into Korda’s new controversial distance sticks. Will you be buying them or avoiding them? Let us know in the comments below.

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Unnecessary Item? Cygnet Reel Splash Mat

cygnet_splash_matThis week we came across this controversial specialist “tackle protector” product called The Splash Mat from Cygnet that everyone seem’s to have their own opinion on.

We find out if this product is a life saver or a complete waste of your money.

Before you have an opinion, let’s look at the details and find out what the Splash Mat is all about.

What’s it all about?

Cygnet-Splash-MatHave you ever been fishing and it’s pelting down with rain, causing dirt and grit to mess up your clean rod and reels.

Then you spend the whole evening before the next session cleaning your rods and reels ready to start fishing, ah what a waste of time.

Well, this Splash Mat from Cygnet is designed to protect your expensive gear from getting dirty, wet, scratched up and preventing vegetation from interfering your bite indication.

More details of the Splash Mat…

  • At a compact 73 x 39cm, the Mat comes complete with 4 ground spikes giving it ultimate stability
  • Silk black finished soft, lay-flat material

Is it for me?

Is it an unnecessary product? We believe it is. But if you own expensive rods and reels and you want to keep them in as good as new condition, then this product will be for you.

How much is it?

splash-matThis ultimate tackle tart product from Cygnet will only set you back around £18+.

You can find the Cygnet Splash Mat in most specialist tackle shops or you find it online for a little cheaper.

If you take pride in your setup and want it looking even more tarty than this product could be for you.


Thanks for reading our detailed look at the Splash Mat from Cygnet.

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Best Distance Sticks? Avid Overnighter Yard Sticks Review

aviddistancesticksThis week’s tackle review is the Overnighter Yard Sticks from revolutionary tackle brand Avid.

We go into detail about the features that are included with these sticks and why they are so different from other distance sticks on the market.

If you want to know more about distance sticks in general and how to use them to improve your own fishing then check out this short guide below.

Why I bought them

To be honest with you I’ve never been the most accurate caster so I decided to put an end to that by purchasing and using distance sticks on every session and I believe I’ve had better results since using them.

Below is an overview of the features included this product by Avid and what makes these sticks so different from others on the market.

Avid Overnighter Yard Sticks Review

These distance sticks from Avid are extremely lightweight, compact and small, so they are useful to bring to every session no matter the duration.

The end’s of the sticks come with strong points so you can easily stick in most grounds without the use of a mallet.

What makes these different?

These sticks come with 3 colour toggles which attach to the 12ft cord, which help you wrap up a lot more accurately than other conventional distance sticks.

Shaped with an outer ‘swan neck’ curve, making it an easier to reel in once you have clipped up at your desired distance.

A unique feature to these sticks is that they include glow in the dark tops, making wrapping at your desired distance at night or setting up your gear in the dark much easier.

How much and where from?

You can find these Overnighter Yard Sticks from Avid in most tackle shops or you can simply find them on online from sites like amazon for around £13.99.

Why own distance sticks?

If you need to cast to the same distance and nail your to rig to a feature such as an island every time, then distance sticks are a must.

All you need to do is to clip up at the distance you want to fish then work out by using the distance sticks how many 12ft wraps it is to your chosen spot.

Write this distance down so you can wrap and clip up to that distance every time, so you will be fishing much more accurately and effectively.

If you want to know about these distance sticks from Avid then check out this video below.


Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 12.01.53Thanks for reading our review of the Avid Overnighter Yard Sticks.

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Best Bivvy Light? The Ridgemonkey Bivvy Lite Duo Review

Ridgemonkey Bivvy Lite DuoThis week’s review is the Bivvy Lite Duo by innovators RidgeMonkey.

We find out why this bivvy light is the best light on the market.

We look into the reasons the light is so useful and how it can help you be more productive and help you catch more fish on the bank.

Why did I buy this light?

Lite up bivvyI’ve been looking for a light for my bivvy for a few months now but I found nothing that I could virtually hang anywhere.

I was so glad I found this bivvy light by RidgeMonkey and it has made night fishing a lot more productive because I can tie rigs, sort my tackle and change rigs with ease.

Below is a list of the top features and reasons why you should own one of these slick fishing gadgets.

The RidgeMonkey Bivvy Light Duo

4 different light options

bivvylight2One thing I love about this bivvy light is the amount of light options you have, ideal for different situations or preference.

The light comes with a white full beam, a half beam, a red full beam and a red half beam which is simply controlled with a single button.

The red light options are designed to give you enough light in your bivvy but allows your eyes to adjust so you can see out on to the lake.

The half red beam is my preferred option although if I’m tying rigs I would use the half white beam.

Bivvy light features

ridgemonkey lightThe light has a unique magnet system which ideal for attaching the light to the roof of the bivvy or wherever you wish. The magnet is very strong and can withstand extreme weather such as strong winds.

The light includes a lithium battery which has 120 hours of battery life and is fully rechargeable so there is no need for batteries.

The light comes with a USB to Micro USB cable which is ideal for charging the light virtually anywhere such as the car or a laptop.

The light has a compact design and is surprisingly lightweight.

The duo comes with two lanyards in addition to the magnet which allows you hang the light on any type of hook if you wish to do so.

There is a light case available separately so you can prevent any damage to the light when transporting your tackle around.

Find out more about the light

If you would like to find out more about this light by RidgeMonkey then check out this video below.

Where and how much was it?

I bought this light from amazon for around £32 which I feel is truly value for money.

With all the features included with the added 120 hours battery life, this light is definitely worth the money.

Is there any drawbacks to this light?

Although this is one of my favourite products I’ve bought recently, I believe there is a few features that could be added in the future that would make this product even better.

One of the features I would like to see is a motion or sound detection feature so if you get up for a take in the middle of the night the bivvy light comes on automatically.

Another feature I would love to see is possibly a remote for the light for convenience.

UPDATE: RidgeMonkey listened to the feedback from their customers including this review and they released a remote version of the light which is a little more expensive than the regular light but you do get more functionality, find the remote version here.

I would love to see RidgeMonkey release different sized versions of these lights too.


bivvy lightThanks for reading our review of the RidgeMonkey Bivvy Lite Duo. I hope you have learnt the reason why we love this now essential piece of kit for fishing at night.

If you have any questions about this product then give us a comment below. Been using the light for a few months now so we can give you a helpful answer.

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