11 of the Lightest Brollies on the Market

lightest-brollies-for-carp-fishingThis week we continue our “Lightest” series by taking a look at the lightest brolly style shelters currently on the market for carp anglers.

Brollies have become very popular over the years because they offer more mobility, quick erection 😉 and can be packed away compactly than compared to a conventional bivvy system.

With so many benefits of owning a brolly style shelter, we’ve compiled a list of the lightest covering all the features, materials and other benefits of each brolly featured.

For this guide, we chose not to feature instant pop up style shelters such as Fox Easy Shelter and Nash Scope Rapid Deploy Bivvy because they lack the stability compared to a brolly system. They also don’t offer as much internal space which is required for longer sessions.

So let’s get started…

Wychwood HD MHR Brolly System – 8.95kg

Wychwood HD MHR Brolly System

  • Includes the new Wychwood HD ripstop material throughout
  • Unique MHR central boxx system
  • Rod retainer straps
  • 2-part flexi rib stabiliser design
  • Internal storage pockets throughout
  • Wychwoods multi-door system
  • Includes Wychwoods 5-year warranty

You can find it here

Fox Supa brolly MK2 camo – 8.3kg – 8.5kg

  • Optional Fibreglass front support rib
  • Includes rod retaining straps, great for changing rigs
  • Supplied with solid, clear PVC and black mesh door options
  • 4 back ribs touch ground, which greatly aids stability
  • Includes 2 24 inches storm poles, bivvy pegs, a heavy duty groundsheet and an oversized carry bag

You can find it here

Aqua Fast and Light Camo Brolly – 5.5kg

  • Space Saver frame system
  • Extended storm sides
  • Rod retaining straps
  • Unique heavy duty DPM Camo Aquatexx material used throughout
  • Storm rods and Groundsheet are not included but are available separately

You can find it here

Wychwood HD MHR Compact Brolly – 5kg

  • Includes HD ripstop material
  • Unique MHR central boss system with internal storage pockets
  • Supplied with two storm poles and heavy duty groundsheet
  • Rod retainer straps included
  • Comes with a Wychwood 5 year warranty

You can find it here

JRC Contact Camo 60″ Oval Brolly – 5kg

  • Lightweight, compact and fast set up
  • Detachable heavy duty nylon groundsheet
  • Oversized side panels from stability
  • Aluminium telescopic support poles
  • Quality nylon materials used throughout
  • Supplied with pegs and nylon carry bag

You can find it here

Nash Scope Black Ops Brolly – 4.9kg

Nash Scope Black Ops Brolly

  • Extreme waterproof 5000mm Aquasense Hydra cover
  • Rain gutter prevents front water run off
  • Rod straps included
  • Space frame hub for increased internal room
  • Four rib ground contact for total stability
  • Includes two 28 inches storm poles, set of bivvy pegs and compact carry bag

You can find it here

Chub Oval Brolly – 4.5-4.8kg


  • 5000mm Hydrostatic head cover
  • Sprung steel frame
  • Lightweight groundsheet included
  • Velcro rod straps
  • Includes 2 26 inches storm poles, a set of bivvy pegs and carry bag
  • Great value for money

You can find it here

Trakker Tempest Brolly – 4.4kg

  • Unique patented design
  • Ultra-strong, easy to use and ultra-quick to assemble
  • Incredibly lightweight with a compact pack down size
  • No internal ribs for maximum internal brolly space
  • Supplied with tension strap, carry bag and bivvy pegs

You can find it here

Trakker MC-60 Brolly – 4.1kg

  • Fully customisable profile for different weather conditions
  • Includes velcro rod-retaining strap
  • Space saver frame for optimum room inside
  • Fits into most quiver-type holdalls with ease
  • Zip in full infill and insect panels available separately
  • Supplied with two 24ins storm poles, bivvy pegs and drawcord top carry bag

You can find it here

ESP Lo Pro Brolly – 4kg

  • Unique low profile design
  • Freestanding meaning it does not require storm poles in most situations
  • Compact footprint while still being roomy and providing excellent coverage
  • Space saver mechanism maximises internal headroom
  • Fits into most rod holders/quivers
  • Quick setup and take-down
  • Includes a set of bivvy pegs and carry bag

You can find it here

Nash Groundhog Brolly – 3.2kg

  • Based on the original classic Nash oval brolly
  • Spaceframe rib and hub for increased internal room
  • Extreme waterproof Aqua Sense Hydra cover
  • Supplied with two 36 inch storm poles, a set of bivvy pegs and carry bag
  • Groundsheet and winter skin for the brolly are available separately

You can find it here


Thanks for reading our guide to the lightest brollies available to carp anglers. Hope this guide has helped you find a brolly suited to you and your style of fishing.

If you have any questions on any of the brollies featured in this guide, then please leave them in the comments below.

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9 of the Lightest Carp Fishing Bivvies on the Market

This week, we guide you through the lightest bivvies available, designed with carp fishing in mind.

Why lightest you ask?

Well due to the popularity of our lightest bedchairs guide and with more carp anglers demanding even more lightweight, compact carp tackle to avoid ferrying heavy gear to and from a desired swim, we felt this guide would be very useful to a lot of anglers looking to scale down their gear.

In this guide we’ve put into consideration quality, the features included and of course the overall weight of the bivvy.

Let’s get started…

Trakker Armo Bivvy – 8.5kg


  • An improvement on the iconic Trakker Armo Bivvy
  • Aquatexx fabric throughout
  • Strong poles, with a powder coating finish
  • Zipped and Velcroed mozzie back vents and front windows
  • Interlocking frame-support system
  • Front and rear rod straps
  • Clear window option
  • Dual-zipped doors, allowing you to create a letterbox opening
  • Heavy-duty groundsheet and T-pegs are included
  • Zipped NXG carrybag

You can find it here

Trakker Tempest Air Bivvy – 8.5kg


  • Stylish design and build
  • Aquatexx material throughout
  • Boasts easy of use/very quick to assemble
  • Spacious interior
  • A lighter, smaller, stripped down version of the original Tempest
  • Full, removable infill panel with mozzy windows

You can find it here

Sonik SKS Bivvy – 8.4kg


  • Hydrostatic head waterproof cover
  • Strong Matt Green Aluminium poles
  • Tensioning elastic pegging points
  • Removable front panel with Tank Zip
  • Elasticated groundsheet with strengthening points
  • Mosi-Mesh Panel on front door and supplied with removable clear window
  • Full set of SONIK pegs included

You can find it here

Chub Rs-Plus Max Bivvy – 8kg


  • Extended hood and storm side panels
  • Velcro rod holders attached to the roof
  • Inline bivvy tension bars
  • Detachable lightweight groundsheet
  • Full zip off front section
  • Shock-corded pegging points
  • Supplied with T-pegs and carry bag
  • Completely removable 2-way door system
  • Mozzi and clear door window options

You can find it here

Avid Tardis Bivvy – 8kg


  • Stylish rain peak
  • Fully removable front with mosquito panel door
  • 2 Rib System that saves weight
  • 4 Break pole system
  • Quick to put up and take down

You can find it here

JRC Stealth X-Lite Bivvy – 7.9kg


  • Hydratex waterproof material throughout
  • Tape sealed seams throughout
  • 2-way door system to create a letterbox opening
  • Large back vents
  • Mozzy mesh in door and vents to keep the bugs out
  • Heavy-duty PE groundsheet
  • Supplied with heavy duty pegs and heavy duty nylon carry bag

You can find it here

Nash Scope Bivvy – 7.25kg


  • Extreme waterproof Aqua Sense Hydra cover for total protection in wet conditions
  • Extra strength 3 rib design for maximum internal space
  • Spacer bars for rigidity
  • Front panel with letterbox door & mosquito mesh panels with tie backs
  • Rear mesh ventilation panel
  • Front panel zips out transforming the bivvy into an open fronted shelter
  • 4 Velcro rod supports

You can find it here

Trakker Tempest Composite Bivvy – 5.5kg


  • Ultra-strong weather resistant materials
  • Easy to use and very quick to assemble
  • Spacious interior without huge footprint
  • Dual-zipped doors create a letterbox opening
  • Roll-up mozzie window in door
  • Supplied with two 36″ Quicksticks
  • Includes a mid-weight groundsheet, tension strap, carry bag and T-pegs

You can find it here

Aqua Atom Camo Bivvy – 3.5kg


  • Smallest, lightest one-man bivvy in the industry
  • Perfect for the mobile style angler
  • Mozzi Door
  • 2 Rib System
  • 5 Break pole system
  • Ultra-compact pack size
  • Stylish design

You can find it here


Thanks for reading our guide to the lightest bivvies on the market. If you have any comments on any of the bivvies featured or if you have any bivvy recommendation of your own, please leave them in your comments below.

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Best Affordable Bivvy? The Chub RS-Plus Max Bivvy Review

maxpluschubbivvyThis week’s review is the RS-Plus Max Bivvy from one of the finest tackle brands on the market Chub.

We find out what makes this bivvy one of the best bivvies for your money.

We look at all the features that’s included with this bivvy and details such as how long it takes to assemble.

I’ve been using this bivvy for around two years now and I have no intentions of replacing it anytime soon. This bivvy has plenty of room and is a life saver when the weather is a little nasty.

Chub RS-Plus Bivvy Review

chubbivvyThe Chub RS-Plus Bivvy has a solid, robust structure which is ideal for all weather conditions.

The bivvy includes built in shock-corded pegging points which is essential for adding extra pegs in case of extreme windy conditions which keeps the structure solid.

One of the reasons I love this bivvy so much is there is so many interchangeable door options, you can have the bivvy setup you desire.

It has a mozzie door option, a clear door option and you can also zip off the whole front section of the bivvy which is great for the warmer weather.

The RS-Plus Max has an extendable pram hood which reduces the amount rain that can come into the bivvy and creates more shade in sunnier weather. Please note that the extended hood is not included on all of the Chub RS bivvy models.

chubrsplusbivvyThe bivvy surprisingly has a huge amount of room inside even though it looks smaller from the outside. It has plenty of room at the back on the bivvy because of the way it’s structurally shaped.

This bivvy is built with anglers in mind with included rod straps which makes changing or tweaking rigs easy.

If you like the comfort of using an overwrap, there is an optional overwrap available for all the models in the RS-Plus range.

More Details

  • Lightweight bivvy weighing around 8kg
  • 1 man bivvy
  • A unique 3-pole 3-section frame
  • Inline tension bars for a solid structure

How long does it take to put up?

When I first used this bivvy it did take a while to disassemble it mainly because I skipped the instructions as we usually do. I would highly recommend you watch an instructional video or read up on it if you have never used a bivvy with a similar inline lay pole structure. After using the bivvy 2 or 3 times, you can disassemble it in a matter of minutes which it great for the mobile type angler.

What’s included with the bivvy?

The RS bivvy comes with quality and durable bivvy bag with handles which keeps the bivvy compact. perfect for transporting around. The bivvy also includes high quality screw style bivvy T-pegs with a drawstring bag and a detachable groundsheet.

Learn more about the RS-Plus range

The RS-Plus Max is the full bivvy system in the RS-Plus range. If you don’t need all these features included in RS-Plus Max you can find scaled down models which are lighter and smaller.

Find out more about the different models in the range by watching the video below.

Where can I find it?

You can find this bivvy in most Chub stockists or you can find it online for a little cheaper than the retail price from sites such as amazon or ebay.


Thanks for reading our review of the Chub RS-Plus Max Bivvy.

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Wychwood Solace Fishing Brolly – The Review

wychoodsolacebrollyreviewThis weeks review is the Solace Brolly from Wychwood.

We find out what situations this brolly is ideal for and why using a brolly is more effective than using a tradition bivvy.

We cover all this brolly’s top features, so you can determine if this brolly is the one for you and your style of fishing.

Why use a brolly?

Why use a brolly instead of the tradition bivvy you’re asking, well there are numerous situations where a brolly can come in very useful.

wychwoodbrollyMost brollies can virtually fit into any swim, big or small, which is ideal for tight swims, canals and rivers. The Solace is also ideal for quick overnighters and also setting up in the rain because is so quick to set up.

Brollies recently have become very popular in carp fishing because their overall size and weight is very minimal which helps you be mobile if needed.

Packing away quicker can really help you get on the fish, if you spot them on the other side of the lake and you need to move quickly a brolly is ideal.

Top Features

Below is a list of the top features of Wychwood’s Solace brolly.

  • Super lightweight
  • Comes in 2 different sizes – 50 and 60 inches
  • Quick to assemble
  • Storm poles for windy/stormy days
  • A heavy duty groundsheet
  • Quality ground pegs
  • Ultra water proof materials
  • Quick push/pull brolly mechanism, helping you setting it up in seconds
  • Comes in a lightweight bag
  • Packs down well which makes it ideal for smaller cars or if you’re tight on space
  • Comes in a dark green colour which blends into your natural surroundings

How much room does the brolly have?

As much as the Solace is compact and can fit into tight swims, you can easily fit a bed chair in there and there’s still enough space for a few tackle/clothing/food bags.

How does it react to rain and wind?

The brolly comes with a device they call a rain bar which guides the rain down the sides of the brolly which is a unique feature you may not find on any other brollies.

It also comes with some very strong storm poles which makes the brolly very stable in any extreme conditions.

Where can I find the Wychwood Solace Brolly?

You can find the Solace Brolly in most local tackle shops or for convenience you can find it online from places like amazon.

The conclusion

wychwoodsolacebrollyThe Solace Brolly by Wychwood is a quality piece of kit which is ideal for day and night fishing. I’ve personally have owned this brolly for a few months now and I’ve had no issues what so ever and overall am very with the quality and structure of the brolly.

I hope you have enjoyed this review of the Wychwood Solace Brolly. If you have any questions about this brolly I will do my best to answer them in the comments below.

If you want to find more carp tackle reviews like this review please take a look at my other reviews I’m sure you will enjoy them and tight lines.

Whats The Best Bivvy Of 2015? – Bivvy Shootout 2015

Bivvy shootout 2015This week we’re going to check out all the latest bivvies on the market.

Recently I was looking for a new bivvy and found there was some great new products on the market and here are some of my favourites I found.

If you are new to carp fishing or would like to know more about bivvies and what features you should look for when buying one check out this guide.

Personally I was looking for a quick erect, light weight but durable bivvy so I went for the Chub RS-Plus Max bivvy.

The bivvies below cover all situations and suits every type of angler so what are you waiting for, find the one that suits you best.

Here’s your guide to bivvies in 2015

Trakker Tempest Composite Bivvy

Quick Summary:

  • Ultra light weight
  • Quick to assemble
  • Unique locking system
  • Very roomy
  • Winter wrap is available

Your can find it here

Kampa Carp AIR – Inflatable Bivvy

Quick Summary:

  • A unique design and concept
  • Very durable made from top quality air-breathing material
  • Put up and take down in seconds
  • Air pump included
  • Quite possible the future of bivvies
  • A bivvie for if you don’t mind spending a little more money for a top quality bivvie

You can find it here

Chub RS-Plus Bivvy Range

Quick Summary:

  • The range has something for everyone from day ticket anglers to hardcore long session anglers
  • top quality materials and poles
  • Very Stable
  • Ultra Stylish
  • 2 different winter overwraps available
  • Real value for money
  • Check out our review of the Chub RS-Plus Max bivvy

Find the range here

Aqua Products® Atom® Bivvy

Quick Summary:

  • Designed for the mobile angler in mind
  • Light weight and compact design
  • Top Quality Material and structure poles
  • Ideal for fishing Europe
  • External wrap available
  • At the top end of the market

Find it here

Wychwood D-Ploy Bivvy System

Quick Summary:

  • Ultra stylish design
  • Unique fan rib system designed for stability
  • Customisable door system unique to this bivvy
  • Also comes with mesh panels for the summer months
  • At the top end of the bivvy market

You can find it here

JRC Stealth Bloxx Bivvy

Quick Summary:

  • Smart compact design
  • Comes as one piece
  • Accordion rib and central block design which has been added for extra stability and quick setup
  • Full feature door
  • Back air vents
  • Ideal for fishing abroad
  • Ultra spacious

You can find it here

A short guide on buying a bivvy

Things to look out for when buying a bivvy:

Make sure the bivvy comes good quality screw pegs.

If you are only fishing during the day a brolly system is ideal because its light weight and quick to set up giving your more time to set up the rest of your gear.

If you planning on using the bivvy for longer fishing session make sure the bivvy comes with a ground sheet and also find out if an overwrap is available as it will remove any condensation and keep the bivvy cooler.

If you planning to fish abroad an full bivvy system such as the JRC Stealth Bloxx Bivvy is ideal.

If your planning on taking a friend night fishing or just want a lot more room to storage gear a two-man bivvy is ideal.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed our 2015 bivvy shootout and I hope that if you was looking for a new bivvy that you either found what you was looking for or have a better idea of what you want to buy.

If you liked this post please share your comments below and be sure to check out my other carp fishing tackle reviews.

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