Best Boilie Range? The DT Baits Boilie Range Review

DT baits boilie rangeThis week we take a closer look at the extensive range of carp baits by DT Bait Developments.

DT have been producing baits for over 30 years and have an incredible track record for big fish captures.

Their current boilie ranges include Berry Bubble, Fish, Blood and Fresh Orange, Pukka Fish Mix Peach and Sour Cream, just to name a few.

All their current boilie ranges include matching pop ups, wafter hookbaits, hard hookbaits, pellets, stickmixes, bait sprays, dips and liquids.

In this review, we will be looking at the N-Blend, Supa Fruit and Cold Water Green Beast boilies and the complementing Cold Water Green Beast Pellets and DNA Liquid Food.

Cold Water Green Beast Boilies

I’ve heard of certain baits working well in the winter months but the Cold Water Green Beast boilies have been designed and tested to work all year round, but more specifically the colder winter months.

Cold Water Green Beast Boilies

The Cold Water Green Beast boilies smell amazing with a combination of berries, creamy and milky favours and a slight hint of menthol.

In terms of ingredients, DT Baits have put together a set of key food sources which are highly soluble and digestible in cold water giving the bait a super effective edge.

If you take a regular boilie and a Cold Water Green Beast and put them in cold water you will see that the Cold Water Green Beast will break down significantly faster over 24 hours, giving off all the natural attraction and food signals for the carp to start feeding.

cold water green beast boilies

Like all the DT boilies I’ve used so far, the shelf lifes are hard enough to use with a throwing stick and soft enough to crumb up by hand which is what I look for in a boilie.

You can buy the Cold Water Green Beast Boilies here.

N-Blend Boilies

On first inspection you can strongly smell the various tiger nut blends, making it ideal for those waters with a ban on tigernuts.

The N-Blend Boilies work well with of course it’s matching DNA liquids but would be also super effective with a tiger nut extract liquid or even condensed milk.

You can buy the N-Blend Boilies here.

Supa Fruit Boilies

Supa Fruit Boilies

On first inspection you get hints of fruits and sweet dairy flavours. The Supa Fruit boilies include high levels of milk proteins, and tiger nut meal.

The Supa Fruit boilies are designed to be super effective all year round but especially in the spring and autumn months.

You can buy the Supa Fruit Boilies here.

Cold Water Green Beast Pellets

Including the awesome flavour combinations as the boilies, the Cold Water Green Beast Pellets have been specifically designed to break down over 12/24 hours in cold water.

Cold Water Green Beast Pellets

As an angler that doesn’t use a lot of pellets in the winter due to there high oil levels I’m completely sold when it comes to these Cold Water Green Beast Pellets.

These pellets come in 4.5mm which are perfect for PVA mesh/solid bags and priced at a reasonable £3.99.

You can buy the Cold Water Green Beast Pellets here.

DNA Cold Water Green Beast Liquid

The DNA liquids are one of the most interesting products to the DT bait range and offer something a little different compared to a conventional carp liquid.

DNA is essentially a two part active liquid which means you will need to shake and combine the two different liquids together on use.

DNA Cold Water Green Beast Liquid

Whats the two liquids you ask, well the liquid includes a lighter floating component and a heavier sinking component.

When it’s used in a fishing situation you are creating a liquid attraction in all the water columns.

DNA Cold Water Green Beast Liquid on pellets

The DNA Cold Water Green Beast Liquid is perfect as a boilie glug, great for PVA bags as its 100% PVA friendly and super effective on any loose feed.

DT Baits have created a DNA liquid that matches every boilie they produce.

As you may of guessed it, this liquid includes the matching Green Beast Boilie flavour and a blend of several ultra-refined nut oils.

You can buy the DNA Cold Water Green Beast Liquid here.


Due to time and weather restraints I have only used these baits on a few occasions but I will make sure to update this review throughout the year.

So far I’ve had carp up to 21lb in hard winter conditions so I can highly recommend you give DT baits a go if your looking for a new bait to use all year round.

21lb common

We would like to thank DT Bait Developments for getting in contact and sending over some samples for this review.

Although the bait has been sent over to us, this is a 100% honest review as being honest is the reason we started this blog and we don’t agree with fake biased reviews.

If you have any comments or questions on any of the DT products featured in this review then let us know in the comments section below.

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14 Boilie Ranges You Should Try This Year

This week we look at the latest boilie ranges you should try if you haven’t already.

If you’re looking for a new boilie to use in your own carp fishing than this article will hopefully point you in the right direction.

boilies ranges

This list is compiled of all the latest boilie ranges that have a proven track record for catching large carp, made from top ingredients and have been the talking point in the angling press lately.

Let’s get started!!

The Catalyst by Spotted Fin


Quick Summary

  • Made up of the finest milk proteins, hemp proteins, with liquid vitamins, minerals, enzymes and yeasts which is highly digestible for the carp
  • 15mm and 18mm boilies available in round and dumbell shapes
  • Matching hookbaits, pop-ups, wafters and food dip available

You can find it here

Polony by Bait-Tech


Quick Summary

  • High in protein, highly digestible and proven as an all year round success
  • Packed with natural spice ingredients and feed stimulants that trigger carp to feed
  • Available in 14mm and 18mm shelf life and frozen
  • Matching and wash out coloured pop ups are available in 14mm and 18mm
  • Polony oil available too (deadly!)

You can find it here

Manilla by Sticky Baits


Quick Summary

  • Made from high quality peanut meal, nut flours, milk proteins and contains real vanilla beans
  • After the success of the extensive testing period this all year round bait will be released to the public on June 16th 2016
  • Pop ups and glug will be available too

You can find it here

Pacific Tuna by CC Moore


Quick Summary

  • Perfected over 3 years, this bait by CC Moore is made up of soluble fishmeals, milk and vegetable proteins with included powerful natural appetite stimulants to create a superb year round big fish bait that fish simply can’t resist
  • Available in a range of sizes from 10mm, 15mm, 18mm and 24mm
  • You can find them in self life and frozen options
  • Large range of pop ups, wafters, liquids, pastes and bag mixes are available too

You can find it here

Essential Cell by Mainline


Quick Summary

  • A protein, fishmeal or bird food based bait with a fruit like aroma, evolved from the ever popular CELL boilie range
  • Available in 10mm, 15mm and 18mm freezer baits
  • 12mm, 15mm and 18mm wafters and various styles of pop ups available too

You can find it here

The Switch by DNA Baits


Quick Summary

  • Contains high grade proteins including Pea Protein Isolate, Rennet Casein, Calcium Caseinate, Whey Protein, Beef Protein Isolate
  • Extensive testing over 5 years which has accounted for some big fish hits
  • The range includes pop ups, wafters, liquids, pellets and groundbait

You can find it here

Hot Shrimp by AquaBaits


Quick Summary

  • This bait is complex food-package consisting of a variety of the very best ingredients available; balancing attractants and a very high nutritional value profile
  • This bait has accounted for some very large captures
  • Available in 14mm and 18mm freezer baits
  • Pop ups and plastic hookbaits are available too

You can find it here

24/7 by Sonubaits


Quick Summary

  • Successful pre launch testing including plenty of large fish captures
  • Composed of high quality ingredients including a blend of bird foods, milk proteins, and nut meals, further enhanced with high levels of digestive accelerators, sweeteners, and palate enhancers. 24/7 creates a very rounded sweet and nutty flavour which carp instantly recognise as a quality food source
  • The vast 24/7 range includes Feed Pellets, Pop-Ups, Wafters, Oozing Pop-Ups, Super Chods, Dumbells, Bag Mix, Oil and Glug

You can find it here

Nutcracker by Urban Baits


Quick Summary

  • After a lot of success on some hard waters the Nutcracker was finally released to the public
  • The sweet creamy bait is made from a blend of ground nut and milk proteins making it excellent to use all year round
  • Available in 12mm, 14mm and 18mm
  • The Nutcracker range includes pop ups, pellets, paste and dips

You can find it here

The Key by Nash


Quick Summary

  • Nash’s longest ever tested bait resulting in some large fish captures
  • Made up of all natural ingredients which continues to breaks down its own complex proteins into nucleotides, amino acids and other highly stimulatory feeding triggers
  • Available in 15mm and 20mm freezer baits and shelf life baits
  • The range includes pop ups, chopped baits, hard hook baits, stick mixes and liquid soaks

You can find it here

King Prawn by Crafty Catcher

Quick Summary

  • An old classic bait with a new revamped selection of ingredients that carp can’t just ignore
  • Made up of low temperature fishmeals, soluble Krill Protein extract, Krill meal, Fermented shrimp paste and Brewers yeast which is proven big fish catcher
  • The range includes matching pop-ups, wafters and dips

You can find it here

S-Core by Richworth


Quick Summary

  • This baits is made up of amino acids, giving the bait high leakage and creates a natural feeding trigger
  • Available in 14mm and 18mm in freezer baits and shelf life options
  • The range includes pop ups, pellets, dips and liquids

You can find it here

Monster Tigernut Red-Amo by Dynamite Baits


Quick Summary

  • The bait has a sweet, creamy, nutty and fruity aroma that carp can’t get enough of
  • Helped to land some of the UK’s hardest fish, such as the Chertsey mirror at 55lb+ and the lakes largest Common at 45lb both within a week and both landed during the winter months
  • Ingredients include New Fruit Palatant, Tiger Nut Flour, Tiger Nut Milk, Sweet Vanilla Palatant, All Season Attractants
  • Available in Shelf life in 15mm and 20mm, freezer baits available in 15mm and 18mm
  • The range includes dumbell baits, pop ups, hardened hookbaits

You can find it here

Trigga Ice by Nutrabaits


Quick Summary

  • Not a brand new bait but it has to be mentioned in this list as a bait to try if you haven’t already
  • Made up of Spice Oleo-Resins, Spice Extracts, Natural Emulsifiers, Trigga Powder, Pre-digested Marine Meals, Low Fat Oceanic Proteins and Liquid Trigga Ice
  • Proven big fish catcher
  • The range includes pellets, liquids and pop ups

You can find it here


Thanks for reading our guide to boilie ranges to should try this year in your own carp fishing. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below, I’m sure we can help.

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