Top 5 Stocking Filler Gift Ideas for Carp Anglers 2017

This week we look at 5 stocking filler gift ideas for Christmas 2017.

There’s nothing like the enjoyment of opening small gifts from a stocking so why not add some carpy gifts in there too.

All gift ideas in this guide are linked so you don’t have to waste your time trying to find them.

Let’s get started!

Korda Krusha

korda krusher
The Korda Krusha is a great tool for crushing up baits such as pellets or boilies to use in PVA bags, spod mixes, groundbait or free offerings.

You can find it here

Fox Edges Multi Tool

The Fox Multi tool includes a stripper tool, a knot puller, 2 pointed ends, the thinner one is ideal for creating a curved loop for d rigs and the larger point is ideal when tying chod rigs.

You can find it here

Jag Hook Sharpening Kit

The Jag Hook Sharpening Kit is the ultimate set of tools for creating super sharp hooks whilst on the bank. Sharp hooks catch more fish is a huge statement which a lot of anglers would agree with and the Jag Hook Sharpening set makes sharpening hooks easy.

You can find it here

Ridgemonkey USB Rechargable Headtorch

A new release for this year and is already hugely popular. The Ridgemonkey USB Rechargable Headtorch has lots of useful features including 5 different beam options, completely water resistant and of course it’s USB rechargeable.

You can find it here

Ridgemonkey Bivvy Lite Duo

The Ridgemonkey Bivvy Lite Duo has been very popular with a lot of anglers this year. It’s a super compact bivvy light with features that include up to 120 hours of battery life, fully USB rechargeable and a magnetic strip allowing you place the light anywhere in your bivvy.

You can find it here


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5 Luxury Xmas Gift Ideas for Carp Anglers 2017

That’s right it’s coming up to that magical festive season and finding a quality gift for a carp angler can be tricky.

Whether you’re treating yourself or a loved one this christmas then this guide should have you covered.

Our 2017 gift guide includes every type of gift, from luxury to stocking filler items.

In our first part of our gift guide we take you through five of the best luxury gift ideas for any carp angler.

All items are linked and have some short handy descriptions included so you don’t waste any time researching your gift ideas.


If your looking for an impressive but super useful luxury gift then a bivvy is a great option. There are so many bivvies to choose from but the Aqua M3 and Trakker Tempest do stand out from the crowd.

Both boasting top quality throughout with lots of handy features, making them the most popular bivvies of the year. If you need more information on what a bivvy is and what features to look out for then check out our 2017 guide to the best bivvies for carp anglers.

Find the Aqua M3 Bivvy here:

Find the Trakker Tempest here:

Bait Boat

Why not bait up in style with pinpoint accuracy with a bait boat. It may look like a toy but some very large carp were caught this year using a bait boat allowing an angler to place a rig and loose baits around the rig within a small confined area.

A bait boat as a gift will make any carp angler a very happy bunny this Christmas.

The most popular bait boat for a number of years now has to be the Angling Technics MICROCAT which boasts quality components throughout, including long battery life and large distance radio signals.

Find the Angling Technics MICROCAT here:

Bite Alarms


There have been a few new bite alarm releases this year but nothing has beaten the ever popular and reliable Delkim Bite Alarm.

A top quality gift idea and has a huge amount of accessories available for the Delkim Bite Alarms. Any carp angler would be very happy with a set of Delkim Alarms this Christmas.

Find Delkim Bite Alarms here:

Vass Waders

To non-anglers waders as a gift can seem a little silly but waders to carp anglers can be super useful in certain situations involving casting, baiting up and landing fish.

Vass waders continue to be the most popular and an iconic look whilst on the bank making them a top gift for any angler this Christmas.

Find Vass waders here:

Ridgemonkey Vault Powerpack

Never worry about a device battery life dying whilst on the bank again. The Ridgemonkey Vault Powerpack charges every usb rechargeable device on the market including mobiles and laptops. The powerpack can charge two devices at the same time.

The powerpack is ideal for long fishing sessions and a handy gadget for fishing trips abroad. A great gift are any carp angler this Christmas.

Find the Ridgemonkey Vault Powerpack here:


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The Best Carp Fishing Christmas Presents for 2016

merrycarpxmasThis week we take a look at safe but impressive gifts to buy a carp angler this Christmas.

I was recently asked by a close friend who has no knowledge of carp fishing to come up with some safe but impressive Christmas gift ideas for his dad who’s a keen carp angler.

Not knowing what his carp angling dad actually wanted or needed, I came up with a list of gift ideas that any carp angler would love this Christmas. I believe this list would be useful for alot people buying a Christmas gift for a carp angler this year.

If you’re looking to really spoil a carp angler this year, don’t forget to check our Luxury Christmas Gift Ideas for Carp Anglers guide, which we posted a few weeks back.

If you have any questions on any of the items featured in this Christmas gift guide, then please leave them in the comments below, we would be happy to help.

Let’s get started!!

Fox AD Royale Large Loaded Tackle Box

fox ad royale large loaded tackle box
This large tackle box, fully loaded with useful terminal tackle is a great gift idea this Christmas. It includes leads, hook, rig tools, rig materials and much more.

Even if you think the angler in your life has enough bits and bobs, this kit would make any carp angler very happy this Christmas.

You can find it here

Ridge Monkey Modular Bucket

ridgemonkey modular bucket
It’s just a bucket you say… well, the Modular bucket is a super smart way to organise your different baits and anglers will often take multiple buckets to achieve the same thing.

The Ridge Monkey Modular Bucket includes 2 self-seal containers and a main bucket section and has become a very popular piece of kit in the last couple of months, which takes organising your baits to the next level.

The Modular Bucket would make an ideal safe and affordable gift for any carp angler.

You can find it here

Carpy Clothing

22lb14lbmirror-chequertreeWith so many carp tackle brands producing their own clothing designed with the carp angler in mind, it’s hard to ignore clothing as an option as a gift idea.

Most tackle brands produce their own hoodies, t-shirts, trousers/joggers and other clothing accessories. The most popular clothing brands in carp fishing are Korda, Fox, Trakker, Wofte, Navitas, Wychwood, just to name a few.

Another great clothing gift idea for carp anglers are thermal clothing. Items such as vests, bottoms, socks, beanies, gloves are ideal carp fishing gift ideas.

If you like to read more about carp fishing clothing, please check out the posts below:

Korda Rigsafe Combi

korda rigsafe combiThe Korda Rigsafe is a handy device for keeping your pre-tied rigs safe, ready for you to start fishing as soon as you get on the bank.

The Rigsafe Combi comes with extra storage ideal for keeping small rig components such as boilie stops, hooks, swivels etc. The Rigsafe Combi is a very well built rig storage unit, it’s highly reliable and we believe every angler should have at least one in their tackle bag.

You can find the Korda Rigsafe Combi here.

PVA accessories

pva bagYou can never have too many PVA products in your tackle bag.

PVA can be used for numerous amounts on methods in carp fishing including creating a small concentrated amount of bait around your chosen hookbait.

A bundle gift including PVA Solid Bags, PVA Mesh, PVA Tape would make a safe but useful carp fishing gift idea.

Artificial Baits Selection

Like PVA, a carp angler can’t have enough artificial/plastic hook baits. Plastic baits are super handy when getting a bite can be a matter of switching to a colour of hookbait that’s working at the time. Plastic baits have accounted for so many epic captures over the years and ideal as a single hookbaits or tipping off ‘real’ baits.

plastic baits
Enterprise tackle is well known for producing top quality plastic baits, they can take on flavours and colours exceptionally well. Recently Enterprise Tackle started producing a range of selection boxes, including a selection of plastic corn baits and a variety of course and carp fishing plastic hookbaits. These are very well priced and make useful carp fishing gifts.

Gift card

christmas gift card
If you’ve got this far and still have no ideas then why not give your carp angler a gift card. Online tackle retailers such as Angling Direct offer an ideal gift card option. You can buy gift cards ranging from £10-£1000, which you can redeem online and spend on a large range of carp fishing gear.


Thanks for reading our safe but impressive Christmas gift guide. If you have any comments on anything featured in this guide make sure you leave them in the comments below, we’re happy to help.

If you need more gift ideas, check out last years still relevant The Best Christmas Presents For Carp Anglers 2015 guide.

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5 Luxury Christmas Gift Ideas for Carp Anglers

luxury-gift-ideas-for-carp-anglersChristmas is a time for giving fantastic gifts to those closest to you, but buying a gift for an angler can be tricky.

Anglers can be fussy, picky and desire only the most carpy-est of Christmas presents.

If you really want to spoil your angler this Christmas with a high end luxury carp fishing gift, this short guide should give you an idea or two and if you have any comments leave them below the post.

Anglers love to show off their gadgets whilst on the bank and some can be very useful. This guide will cover everything from night fishing gadgets, high-end tackle, bait gadgets and some other unique gift ideas that your angler is going to love.

Let’s get started!

Ridge Monkey power pack

ridgemonkey vault powerpack

With lots of power packs on the market it’s hard to avoid the cheaper ones, but this power pack from Ridge Monkey is well worth the money. For example this power pack will give you around 20 full charges of a mobile phone, which is amazing compared the other power packs on the market that will give you around 3 full charges.

The Ridge Monkey power pack doesn’t just charge phones, you can charge virtually any device such as tablets and laptops. It has a tough, robust build quality and is guaranteed to last forever. This power pack is exceptionally good for long fishing sessions home and abroad.

You can find the Ridge Monkey power pack for around £140.



Tegstove is one of the most stylish and functional stoves on the market. Essentially it’s an all in one cooking device.

Yes it’s a stove, but with much more, including a charging facility to charge all your devices on the bank. It includes a more effective way to burn butane making it simple to use at any time of the year.

You can find the Tegstove for around £90.

Delkim bite alarms


Delkims are the most well known bite alarms on the market. Delkims are the most accurate, reliable, long-lasting, popular bite alarms available today.

Most anglers will have different opinions on bite alarms, but receiving a set of Delkim bite alarms will not disappoint. Used by the most well known anglers and only having minor tweaks to the build over the years, have made these a must have tackle item.

You can find a set on 3 Delkim TX-I bite alarms plus the receiver for around £500. You can find the TX-I bite alarms individually for around £120 and the receiver for around £140.

Ridge Monkey Throwing Stick

The Ridge Monkey throwing stick is one of the best design bait applicators on the market. Bait up with ease with this tear shaped carbon lightweight throwing stick. This stick includes a gripped, perfectly shaped handle.

The Ridge Monkey Throwing Stick includes super easy bait loading which flows through the stick like a dream. This stick is great for long and short distances and is a highly accurate boilie baiting tool.

The Ridge Monkey Throwing Stick can be found for around £60 which includes a stylish protective carry bag.

Tutorial with pro angler

Now this gift idea is something completely different and is a real experience. A lot of pro anglers are now offering their experience and skills to help you catch more fish on the bank. You can now book a session with a pro angler, which is ideal for beginners but also experienced anglers.

Services such as Korda’s Kordatorial gives you the opportunity to book a 24 hour session with a well known anglers and they will guide you through everything from watercraft to rigs, bait and other useful tips.

The list below includes a collection of carp fishing tutorials available to book today:


Thanks for reading our 5 luxury gift ideas for carp anglers. If you have any questions on any of the gift ideas featured in this guide, then please leave them in the comments below.

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The Best Carp Fishing Books Every Angler Should Own

best-carp-fishing-books-of-all-timeWith so many carp fishing books being released in recent years it’s hard to know which ones are worth reading.

This week we take a look at the most popular, informative and entertaining carp fishing books there is to offer.

Reading a book on the bank is a brilliant way to pass the time while on pursuit of that elusive monster carp. These books will give you the drive to catch, give you handy methods to try and can be very entertaining.

Whether you want to read about the history of carp fishing or want to learn some new techniques to catch a new personal best carp, this list should have you covered.

This list is no particular order so let’s get started…

Carp Fishing Masterclass by Ali Hamidi

This book covers a huge number of carp fishing techniques, designed for beginners and experienced carp anglers. The book includes subjects ranging from watercraft, carp baits to casting techniques and fish safety. This book doesn’t miss out a lot so if you want a book that covers all aspects of carp fishing techniques than this book could be the one for you.

You can find it here

In Pursuit of the Largest by Terry Hearn

Whilst this book is not a technical/tactics book, it reveals what makes Terry Hearn obsess over carp fishing. This book covers all the stories and achievements of Terry Hearn’s early days of carp fishing, mostly centred around his days fishing the famous Yateley complex. This book is guaranteed an enjoyable read and will give you the drive to pursue a monster for yourself.

You can find it here

Subsurface Journal 3 ‘A movement to escape’

The Subsurface collection is more of a document on angling culture and stories rather than a carp fishing book for beginners. This enjoyable read is made up of a number of guest writers, including James Turner, David Meek, Gareth Fareham, Simon Hartop, just to name a few. This latest issue in the collection is full of quality stories, beautiful photography, which is very well put together.

You can find it here

The Carpers High book by Ali Hamidi

This book seems to cover all aspects of carp fishing from stories, achievements, history to techniques and tactics to catch carp from numerous types of venues, home and abroad. Ali shares his high points and occasional lows of his angling career and the achievements himself and his angling buddies have experienced. This book includes quality photography and will sure to keep you entertained whilst on the bank.

You can find it here

Just For The Record (in pursuit of ‘Two Tone’) by Lee Jackson

If you’re a keen carp angler and on the pursuit of an elusive large carp then this could be the read for you. ‘Just for the record’ follows the former carp record holder Lee Jackson on pursuit of Conningbrook’s largest resident ‘Two Tone’. This book is not a ‘how to’ but more a documentation of Lee’s determination to catch this famous monster carp and many others like it.

You can find it here

Every Bit of Blue (My life as a carp angler) by Frank Warwick

This biography covers Frank Warwick’s early days as a carp angler all the way up to modern days. As well as a biography, Frank will give you tricks and tips he’s picked up over the years, including bait and casting tips. This book is a guaranteed enjoyable read, full of Frank’s funny stories he’s witnessed while being a carp angler which can be very entertaining.

You can find it here

Fallen Kings by Dave Levy

Fallen Kings, is the story of first time author Dave Levy. It follows Dave from being a young boy who dreams of catching fish, angling in streams, who grows up to become a well-respected carp angler. This book follows Dave’s adventures at some of the most well-known big-fish waters in the country. This book has a perfect blend of humour, stories and quality photography.

You can find it here

A Flick Of The Tale by Dave Lane

Dave Lane is one of the most respected anglers in the carp world and this book follows his obsession into his carp fishing career. This book covers all of his big-fish adventures since first setting foot on The Mere in 1997, right up to the capture of the famous Black Mirror, Dave’s fifth UK carp over 50lb at that date. If you’re a keen angler that wants to find out what makes Dave Lane a top big-fish angler then this could be the book for you.

You can find it here

A History Of Yateley Vol 1 & 2 by Rob Maylin and Alan Cooper

The Yateley Complex and its famous named carp are known by mostly every carp angler in the country. This book shares the stories and history of this piece of carp fishing history. Anyone pursuing carp from Yateley or simply want to read up on the history of this complex than is a must read collection of books. Covering the captures of the most famous Yateley carp, it’s truly an entertaining read.

You can find it here

Wraysbury Chronicles

Over the years, Wraysbury One has attained almost historical status in the carp angling scene and this book chronicles its amazing history from just after the First World War up to the present day. Following captures of most of the famous carp from the complex, it’s an interesting read for those looking to pursue a mythical Wraysbury carp.

You can find it here

Light My Fire by Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott

Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott is one of the well-know respected anglers on the scene. In this book teaches us there is so much more to carp fishing than just catching carp.

In this book, Chilly explains how he goes about juggling his family/work life with his fishing obsession. This book gives you the highs and lows of the big fish angler’s career so far. It’s truly an enjoyable read for those obsessed with carp fishing.

You can find it here


Thanks for reading our guide to the best carp fishing books of all time. If you have any questions or any recommendations of a carp fishing book that wasn’t mentioned in our list, we would love to hear them in the comments below.

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Top Carpy Christmas Gifts for under a Fiver

top carpy christmas gifts for under a fiverCheck out these quality gift ideas for under a fiver, ideal as stocking fillers for any carp angler.

Every angler has their own opinion on tackle so buying gifts for anglers can be a tricky job.

So that’s why we have created this list of item’s that every angler would be very happy with and all of them are under a fiver too!

Let’s get started..

Camo snood

Having a snood in the tackle bag can make a cold day or night bearable so you can enjoy your fishing. Not sure the science behind this item but it’s unbelievable warm and comfy.


Portable phone/tablet charger

This past year portable chargers have reduced in price and size, which is great news for anglers. Their useful for charging phones, tablets and other devices you love to use on the bank.


Fishing Gloves

These gloves are ideal for those cold winter fishing sessions. Designed with anglers in mind with two finger cut off so you can feel the line down correctly and tie rigs easily.

Waterproof Clip-on Led Light

This light is ideal for any night angler. The clip-on light is amazing for just clipping it on to your bivvie especially if you’re tying rigs and making PVA bags etc.


Waterproof Poncho

Having a poncho in the tackle bag can be lifesaver. Keeping dry is essential in the winter months so having this compact item can be extremely useful.


Thanks for reading this quick guide to angling christmas gifts for under a fiver.

You can to find more christmas gift ideas by checking out The Best Christmas Presents For Carp Anglers 2015.

Please check out our other posts for latest tackle reviews and top angling tips.

The Best Christmas Presents For Carp Anglers 2015

The Best Christmas Presents For Carp Anglers 2015That’s rights it coming up to that magical festive season and you’re wondering what gift shall I give to the carp fisherman in my life this year.

Well let me take you through the top christmas gifts for carp anglers of 2015.

This guide includes stocking filler ideas, novelty/joke gifts and carp fishing presents to really impress.

All the items in this guide are linked so you don’t have to waste hours searching for the products too.

Top gifts for carp anglers

Dvds and books

There’s a no better gift to keep anglers amused on that family filled day than a carp fishing DVD or book. Below is a list of the best books and DVD’s of this year.

This year’s favourite carp fishing books

Carp fishing books

This year’s top carp fishing DVD’s

Carp fishing dvds

Magazine subscriptions

Magazine subscriptions are a great present that every angler would love to have.

The top carp magazines are Total Carp, Carpworld, Carpology, Carp Talk and Crafty Carper.

Photo framed prized catch

This is a great idea as a present for the carp angler in your life and is a very affordable way of appreciating your carp angler.

Just simply find a prized capture photo and frame it so they remember that moment forever.

New clothing

Every angler appreciates new carpy clothing and the tackle companies this year have produced some stylish and functionable carp clothing for all of us to enjoy on the bank.

Carp fishing clothing ranges
Below is a list of the top clothing in carp fishing this year.

Bait applicators

Carp bait applicators
Bait applicator make great presents for carp anglers. Product’s such as a throwing stick, bait spoon, spomb/spod and catapults are ideal for any angler.

Stocking fillers/small gifts

If it’s stocking filler gifts you’re after then check out this list below for some great ideas.

A gift to really impress

Carp fishing gifts to impress
If you want to spoil the carp fisherman in your life then check the list below of gifts that will really impress.

Novelty/joke gifts

There’s nothing better than a memorable moment on that special day.

A novelty fishing gift is a great idea to make the carp fisherman in your life cry with laughter.

Check out the list below for great novelty/joke gift ideas.

Playing it safe

carp fishing gift cardPlaying it safe is a great option if you have no idea what your carper wants or needs for their carp fishing.

There’s lots of tackle shops and online tackle retailers that offer vouchers so your carper can choose their own christmas gift.

The list below is some of the best options for gift cards:

  • Angling Direct (One of the biggest online tackle retailers)
  • Amazon (Full of carp tackle and clothing)

In conclusion

I hope that this guide has triggered some great carpy christmas gift ideas for the carper in your life for this christmas.

If you have any questions at all don’t be scared to comment below and I will answer any queries you may have.

Remember if you want honest carp tackle reviews and other carpy madness then make sure you subscribe to the blog.