9 Smart Ways to Save Money in Carp Fishing

9 smart ways to save money in carp fishingThis week we look at 9 super smart ways to save money in your own carp fishing.

Carp fishing can be an expensive past time, so over the year’s we’ve gathered some tricks and tips to save money and still enjoy the sport we love.

Saving money in your own carp fishing can prevent most anglers from giving up completely. We would advise though that you don’t cheap out on certain tackle items from experience, such as bite indication, weighing gear, carp care, but there are some tricks and tips, if money is tight.

Let’s get started!

Season tickets

Fishing MembershipIf you’re an avid angler and you’re currently purchasing day tickets on a regular basis and wish to save money then it’s well worth investing in a season or yearly ticket.

With day tickets going up and up recently, purchasing a season ticket can save you lots of money in the long term.

Some syndicates will have seasons, some will allow you to join straight away and some you may need to join a waiting list in order to join.

Do your research before joining a new lake

On the same subject as the tip above, make sure you do your research into the lake you’re looking to buy a ticket for, as if it’s not right for you it can be a complete waste of money. Make sure it fits your style of fishing, has the type of fish you want to target and includes the facilities you require.

Do your research into tackle

Before making your next tackle purchase we would advise doing a little research into it before handing over the money.

Find useful tackle reviews, talk to other anglers and shop around so you don’t waste your money on the wrong product and end up replacing it in the months to come (we have all been there).

bivvy shootout 2015

For example, our guide to the best bivvies is a great resource if you’re looking to purchase a new bivvy including all their features, price and where find them.

Terminal tackle you can find elsewhere

Now I’m giving away a top secret, not all tackle/rigs components can be found in a tackle shop… as a little disclaimer though all the tackle sold by fishing brands have been tested by anglers so it’s more trustworthy thus the price differences.

shrink tube
You can find items such as shrink tube, crimps and other items in builder merchants for much cheaper prices than tackle shops and you can find them in larger quantities you just need to shop around.

Make your own rigs

If you’re making your own rigs already then you can skip this tip, but if you’re not making your own rigs, buying pre tied rigs can be costly, so investing in the terminal components to make your own rigs such as hooks, hooklink material, swivels etc will save you money in the long run.

Making your own carp rigs
Making your own hooklinks, leadcore/leaders and even leads can save you lots of money too.

Be rig smart

hook sharping kitUsing quality rig components will make your rigs last longer that’s a fact, but one way to make sure every bite is counted for, it’s well worth investing in a hook sharpening kit.

This will help keep the point of your hook extra sharp, making it harder for the carp to eject accounting for more bites on the bank.

Buy used tackle

usedtackleshopNot a fan of used tackle your thinking?

You will find people tend look after more expensive items of tackle such as bite alarms and bivvies so finding these items cheaper in relatively good condition is easier than you think.

We would advise buying used tackle from a reputable used tackle dealer and would avoid social media selling pages as they are more likely to be selling stolen tackle which is devastating for the victim.

No need for a pro camera

Smart phones these days are more than capable of taking excellent trophy shots. You can even find accessories that make taking photos on your phone by yourself a great deal easier too.

phone mount
There are plenty of quality photo editing apps such as Instagram that make editing a photo easy, so getting the perfect shot doesn’t have to cost a bomb.

Bait tips

One great bait tip is buy bait in bulk volumes, you can find large quantities of pellets, particles, groundbait etc from some tackle shops, farm feed shops or wholesale food stores.

bulk fishing bait
One effective way to save money on baits and give you a great edge on the bank is making your own bait. You can make your own particles, spod/stick mixes and own homemade boilies, which is so much cheaper than shop bought baits and is easier than you think.


Thanks for reading our 9 smart ways to save money in your own carp fishing.

If you have any questions on the tips featured in this post or you have any money saving tips of your own that you would love to share then please leave them in the comments below.

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8 Ways to Jazz up Your Solid Bag Fishing

solid-bag2This week we look at 8 ways to jazz up your solid bag fishing, which essentially will lead to more bites on the bank.

With angling becoming more and more popular the fish have seen it all so why not try out a few of these tips below to give yourself an edge.

Use groundbaits or boilie crumb

Using small crumb in your solid bags will get the fish grubbing on your spot for a much longer duration. Using cloudy groundbaits or boilie crumb can draw those carp down to your chosen hookbait at a much quicker rate from every layer of the water.


Essentially attracting the carp not feeding them, so it means you will possibly get more bites.


Like crumb, liquids are a great attractor to drawing the carp down to your hookbait. Try adding liquid inside the bag and fill the gaps or dip the whole bag in liquid.


In the summer months try oils to give off even more attraction, hemp oil, salmon oil and any other fish oils work best, creating a devastating slick.

Try a particles or naturals solid bag

Adding pellets to a solid bag has become the done thing recently, why not try something different. Adding particles or naturals to a solid bag can be deadly as the carp will not have come arross this as often as a pellet filled solid bag.


Many companies produce their own PVA friendly particles which work well for solid bags or you can simply make your own PVA friendly particles. Simply boil up your chosen particles such as hemp, drain as much water as you can, then add salt and oils and store in a sealed bucket until use.

Particles that work particularly well for solid bags are hemp, partiblend, maize and chopped tigernuts but experimenting with others can give you great results.

It’s not just particles that work well in solid bags why not try naturals such as maggots or water snails (Check out CC Moore and Dynamite baits) to give the carp something different to hone in on.

Multiple sized pellets

Using multiple sized pellets will offer a solid bag different breakdown times. The micro pellets will instantly breakdown while the larger pellets will break down over a longer period time giving you solid bag with a lot more attraction than using the same size pellets throughout.

Match the hatch hookbaits

While a boilie or plastic hookbait has been the norm when using solid bags recently, matching the bait you have in your solid bags with your hookbait often can save you from a blank.

A match the hatch hookbait

If you’re using pellets or hemp in your solid bags, why not try a single pellet or black foam with a shot underneath as a hookbait.

Small hookbaits

They say that big bait catch big fish, but this is purely an urban myth in most cases. A small hookbait in amongst a small patch of bait can snarl even the weariest of big carp.

A single plastic maize or a 10mm boilie hookbait in the past have had extremely good results throughout the year.


Bright hookbaits

Sometimes a bright hookbait can get you bites much quicker. A bright yellow, orange, white or pink hookbaits often work best. Even the sight of a bright hookbait can draw carp down to your spot, so it’s well worth giving it a go.

Slow sinking bags

If you’re fishing over weed or debris why not try slow sinking solid bags. To get the bag to flutter down to the bottom simply add 2 or 3 pva foam nuggets or add crushed pop up boilie crumb to you solid bag mix.

Tips for solid bag fishing

  • Make your solid bags as tight and as compact as you, this will make them much more aerodynamic on the cast and the won’t break open until it’s reached the bottom
  • Make up multiple solid bags and rig setups, ready to cast out will get you more bites on your session and less faffing around on the bank



Thanks for reading our 8 ways to jazz up your solid bag fishing.

If you have any questions about solid bag fishing or have a bag edges of your own that you would love to share, leave them in the comments below.

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5 Ways to Prevent Being Burnt out by Carp Fishing

If you ever had the thought, I’m going to give up this carp fishing game for a set of golf clubs then hold up!!

This week we have put together 5 different ways to prevent the carp fishing burn out.

Let’s get started!!

Fish for something else

Sometimes mixing it up can save you from completely giving it up. If you’re a solid carp angler you could try fishing for something different for a few months or even a season or two.

Try match, fly, sea or river fishing, you be surprised how exciting these types of fishing are and will take you back to those magical moments when you was just starting out.

Introduce a friend to carp fishing

Teaching a friend to fish can spark the enjoyment you had when it all started. It’s what fishing is all about, being social and enjoying the outdoors. Going fishing with a friend can often give you new ideas and usually improve your fishing session.

Take up golf

All though an ongoing joke in carp fishing it does have a point. By taking up a side hobby from your main hobby can help you enjoy and take a break from repetition.

Watch and read carpy goodness

If you’re feeling uninspired it’s always a good idea to read a few magazines, blogs and watch some videos on sites like YouTube, Bivvytube or CatchApp’s CarpFlix.

It’s sounds simple, but it really works!

Buy a new piece of tackle

26lbmirror-churchfarm2There is nothing more likely to give you the drive to go fishing is to buy a new piece of tackle.

Wanting to try out a new piece of can be very exciting and you’ll be eager to use it on the bank.

So what are you waiting for get out and go fishing!!


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6 Ways to Be More Mobile in Carp Fishing

mobile carp fishingThis week we’re going to discuss more ways you can keep mobile in your own carp fishing.

Personally I’ve been applying this approach for the past year and I believe it has helped me to catch more fish on the bank.

Below is a list of ways that will help you stay mobile and catch bonus fish.


Setting up your sessions rigs plus multiple back up rigs just in case of breakages or lost rigs is great preparation.

You can do the same with pva bags too, if you’re using solid bags then have a few fully set up ready to tie to your mainline and cast out.

Always keep an eye out for the weather conditions and wind direction by using weather apps or website such as BBC Weather or Accuweather.

Lighten and scale down your gear

Don't take to much tackle

When fishing mobile style don’t take all the gear you own, just the necessities.

For the past year I’ve been scaling my gear down, giving me an overall lighter setup which helps me move around the lake much easier.

In carp fishing we all love buying my tackle but when fishing the mobile style you will have to take far less stuff than if you was planning to fish static sit and wait style.

It’s not just taking less stuff that will help you, take a look at the gear you have and find out what each item weighs because having a lighter bedchair and bivvy etc will make your overall setup much more manageable.

Pre bait a few spots

Another great tip for fishing the mobile approach is to pre bait. If you have the time, pre bait a few days before or just simply the same day.

Bait up at least 4 or 5 different spots then work your way around them throughout the session.

Use your eyes and ears

When fishing the mobile approach one of the biggest tools you have will be your eyes and ears. If you’re not having much luck and you see a few carp jumping out on the other end of the lake then that’s a clear indication to move.

Keep up your strength and energy

Even though scaling down you gear is vital to the mobile approach there is some gear that’s essential. Keeping up your strength with a hot drink and some food will give you the drive to move if need be. Also a hot drink can also perk you up during those colder months.

Keep an on weather conditions

While fishing mobile style always keep an eye out for wind direction and be on the lookout for any changes in the wind direction. If the wind is bitterly cold being on the back of it will be warmer for you and the fish.


26lbmirror-churchfarm2Being mobile is a great approach for finding the fish, instead of the baiting and waiting approach.

I hope you picked up a few tips throughout this short guide.

If you have any question on fishing mobile style then add them to the comments below.

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Preparing for Carp Fishing in 2016

22lb14lbmirror-chequertreeA new year and a new start. A time to reflect on last years sessions and captures.

And also a time to prepare yourself for the new year’s carp fishing sessions and maximize your chances of capturing your target fish or a new personal best.

In this article I will go through some tips that you can put into action at this time of year to prepare for the new year’s carp fishing.

Have a clear out

It’s time to clear out any unused gear. One little tip, think to yourself “When was the last time I used that?”.

If the answer is over 6 months, then sell it or throw it away. It’s not worth cluttering up your tackle bags for the sake of “I may use that one day…”.


kordacornOnce you have had a clear out of all your unused gear, it’s time to stock up of the tackle you do commonly use such as hooks, leads, braid, PVA, bait, tools etc ready for the new year’s fishing.

If you came into some money over Xmas something like some new weighing scales or a barrow would be ideal.

This time of the year online tackle shops have some great deals on high end items such as reels and rods.

Scale down your gear

I normally do this every year and it does make your fishing a lot more enjoyable.

If you can fit all your sessions gear more compactly, it will allow you to move around the lake easier, travel lighter and will make it quicker to pack away.

Set yourself a goal

18lbcommonIt’s very easy to get distracted or become uninterested in going fishing from time to time so setting yourself a goal or two will give you that drive to capture the fish of a lifetime. Set the goal to be manageable for you and your abilities.

My goal next year will be to do at least one night session every two weeks at my local private lake.

I believe that setting this goal will give me a better chance of figuring out the lakes and capturing some of the bigger carp in the lake.


Thanks for reading how I prepare for the new year and I hope you have picked up a tip or two.

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Organisation Is Key to a Successful Fishing Trip

organisation_is_key_to_a_successful_fishing_tripThis week we discuss how being organised and prepared can give you a stress free fishing trip.

We’ve all done it, left that one piece of gear vital to a successful fishing trip.

Personally I’ve accounted numerous times turning up to a session without a bedchair, the right bait and even my alarms so I’ve now put some steps in place so forgetting gear would never happen again.

It’s not just forgetting tackle that’s the issue, you can also be organised in other ways to help you be as successful as you can with the limited time you have on the bank.

Below are my top tips for being organised for an up and coming session.

The list

evernote-screenshotI now make lists for everything and write down ideas for my next session.

I use an app called Evernote which you can login to any device you have and access your lists and ideas.

Evernote has tons of useful features which makes it easy to create checkbox type lists which I normally use once everything is in the car ready to start to my session.

Once your session is over and you’re already planning your next session, simply uncheck(untick) your list ready for the next session or if you want to create another similar list just duplicate that list to get you started with a new list.

Lists will be your new best friend.


fishery-fbpageOne helpful tip is to do some homework on the lake especially if you don’t know it very well.

Find out what has been working well recently and find out what fish have come out.

The first step I would do is to scout out the lake a few days/weeks before you intend to fish it, walk around and look out for fish, talk to the anglers there and have a chat with the bailiff.

If you are unable to have a walk around then I would advise looking on their website and find out if they have any social network pages like a Facebook page. Facebook is extremely effective for finding out recent captures and asking any questions you may have about the fishery.

Look back

Looking back to previous sessions can help you figure out the spot to fish, the rig to use and the bait you take with you.

If you can I would advise keeping some sort of session log with info like casting distances, features, bait used and where you fished. A simple notepad will do or use your new friend Evernote if you love your tech like me.

Pack the car the night before

You may do this already but packing the car the night before a session can take some stresses away and you simply can focus on arriving to the lake and start fishing.

The early bird catches the worm

Try to arrive at the lake as early as you can or turn up when things are at its quietest. Being at the lake early will allow you to spot feeding fish, bubbles and see any other signs of life in the water.

Prepare your rigs and bait

This may sound simple but tying rigs, making PVA bags and making sure your bait is correct can save you a lot of time on the bank.

When I decide to use solid PVA bags for my next session I will make up 4 or 5 of the same rig in solid bags ready to tie on and cast out there.


Thank you for reading my top tips on being organised when fishing. If you follow these simple steps then all your fishing trips will be successful, stress free so you can enjoy yourself.

If you have any organisation tips of your own I would love to hear them in the comments below.

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Four Ways to Save Money and Still Go Carp Fishing

savemoneyandstillgocarpfishingWelcome to four ways you can save money and still go carp fishing. This week we will go through four ways that I’ve personally used to save money and still go carp fishing.

Fishing doesn’t have to be expensive, you just have to think outside the box, get creative and put a little more preparation into your next session.

Let’s get started…

Be bait smart..

particlesThe best thing you can do if on a budget but want to catch large carp is to buy bait in bulk. I recently bought a 25kg bag of halibut pellets for £20 from my local farm feed shop which was a real bargain and will last me at least a year.

Buying bulk is great for a pre baiting campaign when targeting large carp, bait items such as pellets, particles, dog biscuits etc can be bought in bulk at very cheap prices, you just have to shop around.

Ever tried making you own boilies at home? Well if you the spare time I would recommend making your own baits. Making your own boilies is very rewarding giving you an edge over others and can be very cheap.

Making boilies is a little hobby of mine and I love making different types of boilies and also attempt to imitate famous tackle bought boilies.

Check out my homemade boilies quest blog for my info including recipes I’ve used to successfully catch large carp.

Making boilies is not the only thing you can make at home, you can make baits such as groundbaits and stick mixes out of supermarket ingredients such as breadcrumbs, chilli flakes, tuna etc the possibilities are endless.

For bulk bait buying if you live near the Hampshire/Surrey area I recommend a farm feed shop called Rokers and if you live near Aylesford in Kent I recommend Pinions.

Don’t be so wasteful

Don’t throw away bait at the end of your session freeze it or air dry it. Reusing hook’s is a good way to save money, one way to do this is to buy a hook sharpening kit this will make your hooks sharper than when they came out of the packet.

Join a club or syndicate water

It may seem a great deal of money for a season ticket for a private water but the amount of money you will save on day tickets makes it all worth it.

Rationing items

Just buy less food, drink and other pleasures you normally bring to the bank. In the past I’ve been guilty of overdoing it when it comes to food and drink for a session on the bank. I found things like soup and tea can easily get you through the day but I guess that won’t suit everyone.

I would love to create a food/meals section for the blog for other anglers and myself to share cheap and effective meals for the bank so look out for that in the future, if you think this is a good idea let me know in the comments below.

Top tips

zig rig fishingYou can find good quality non branded carpy stuff such as clothing(hoodies, t-shirts) on amazon and eBay.

I would avoid cheap terminal tackle because using reliable tackle is very important for catching more fish on the bank.

And remember if you’re interested in a curtain product I would always read a few trustful reviews before investing, trust me you don’t want waste your money like I have in the past.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short article of saving money in your own carp fishing. When times are hard you can always go carp fishing, you just have to think outside the box at times.

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