Faq Tackle – ‘Go Anywhere’ Carp Rigs, Pellet Attraction and Homemade Boilies

faqtackleIn this week’s installment of FAQ Tackle you asked the questions..

What would be your ‘take anywhere’ rig? Can you improve the attraction of regular pellets? and.. How do you start making your own boilies?

I’m excited to answer your questions so let’s get started!

What would be your ‘go anywhere’ rig?

If I’m approaching a new venue for the first time, I would always try to keep the rig set up as simple as possible.

I would start with a 7-10 inch hair rig with a swivel lead clip set up. If I was fishing a water that I knew had a large amount of debris or weed on the bottom I would use the ‘sneaky’ solid bag rig as 9/10 times it presents itself nicely on the bottom.

So a simple 7-10 inch hair rig or a ‘sneaky’ style solid bag rig would be my ‘go anywhere’ rig.

If you find a rig that you have confidence in I would always start with that, instead of deciding to use the latest fashionable rig or a popular rig used by the locals.

Can you improve the attraction of regular pellets?

I love to tweak my pellets because you can create a real edge over other anglers pellets.

Soaking pellets in a liquid can also pull the carp down from different layers of the water to feed on the bottom layers.

During the summer months my top liquids would be oils such as hemp oil or salmon oil.

But in the winter months, oils are not so effective because of the low temperatures of the water it causes the oils to congeal. So low oil liquids, glugs and even lake water can switch the carp to feed on your spot.

How do you start making your own boilies?

I have been making my own boilies for a few years now and documenting my recipes and the techniques I’ve used on my homemade boilies blog.

Making boilies can be very rewarding and I love being creative with different flavour combinations and experimenting with different ingredients.

If you want to start making your own boilie I would always start with a simple recipe and catch a few fish with it.

If you have never tried making your own boilies head on over to my boilies blog, for advice on getting started with making your own baits.

Suggestion of the week!

My suggestion of the week is for you to keep an eye out for a fishing show near you.

In the next few months there is going to be a whole host of awesome fishing shows and events featuring tutorials by pro anglers and a chance for the top tackle companies to show off their new tackle releases for 2016.

If you live near Surrey/Hampshire in the UK then check out The Big One. This show is full of top anglers, new bait, new tackle and tons of angling fun.

Thanks for reading

Thanks for reading this week’s FAQ Tackle and I hope you enjoyed it.

If you have any carp fishing related questions then we would love to hear them and possibly feature the question in a future edition of FAQ Tackle.

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FAQ Tackle – Best Ways To Catch Carp, Plastic Baits & Weirdest Carp Baits

faqtackle-weirdestcarpbaitsWelcome to the latest instalment of FAQ Tackle.

This week we talk about my favourite way to catch carp, we ask the questions do favouring plastic baits make a difference and what is the weirdest bait I’ve ever caught a carp on.

I’m very excited I hope you are too….first question!

What’s favourite way to catch carp?

There are so many great ways to catch carp but my favourite way is got to be catching them on the surface.

I love the simplicity, the challenge and love seeing them take the bait.

In recent years carp fishing has become a little over complicated but with surface fishing you only need minimal gear.

All you need is a lightweight carp rod and reel, a size 12/10 hook and a floating bait. If you need to cast at a long distance you may need a controller float.

For surface baits if you don’t need to cast a long distance bread crust is a great bait to use as it hides the hook. If you need to cast at distance all you need is a controller float, a 2ft hooklink, size 10 hook and hair rigged bright pop up so you see the bait from far away.

Do you need to favour fake plastic baits to catch carp?

After catching carp on non flavoured plastic baits I don’t believe it makes a difference. But I think if favouring your plastics gives you that added confidence than go ahead and do it because when you cast that rig out you want to have 100% confidence that you’re gonna catch a carp.

Soaking plastic baits

When flavouring plastic baits I would go for a thin high concentrate flavour. My favourite flavours for plastics are Scopex and Tutti Frutti.

What’s the weirdest bait you have ever caught a carp on?

I’ve heard and know anglers who have caught carp on non conventional carp baits but the weirdest bait I’ve caught a carp on in sausage roll crust.

I was fishing a old membership lake a few years ago and I was surface fishing all day, it got to late afternoon and ran out of bait. There were fish still surfacing so I jokingly hooked on a sausage roll crust and bang I was into a fish.

A while back I wrote an article on the weirdest bait you can catch carp on. Give it a read a see how many of these baits you can catch a carp on.

Suggestion of the week

Oil-ShotThis week suggestion of the week is for you to give soaking your baits in oils a go. If you have never tried this method before give it a go. Soaking your boilies and pellets in oil really brings the bait to life and carp absolutely love it.

Using oils also have other bonuses such as when the carp are feeding on your baited area you get oil slicks surfacing giving you an indication the fish are in your area.

The best oils I have found for soaking your baits in are hemp oil and salmon oil but common oils such as sunflower oil work just as well.

Got a question?

If you have any tackle questions and want a chance to feature in the next FAQ Tackle then leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer the question as informative as I can!!

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FAQ Tackle – FOX, Homemade Boilies & Future Tackle

faqtackleWelcome to the latest instalment of FAQ Tackle.

This week we going to talk all things Fox Tackle, Homemade Boilies and my next piece of tackle to add to my collection.

I’m very excited I hope you are too….first question!

What’s your favourite Fox Tackle product?

This is a tricky one as Fox have so many good products but I would to say my favourite would have to be the Black Label™ Indicator Slik® Bobbins. In my opinion these are the best and easiest to use indicators on the market.

I’ve been using mine for a few years now with no issues what so ever. I love how they have two functions of indication, a fixed to the line function giving you pinpoint bite indication but once you have a take, the line removes itself from the clip mechanism give it a free running motion.

The range comes in so many sexy colours making your set up super carpy. The range also includes the option for customisation to suit every type of fishing situation which I’ve never seen many tackle companies do. This range seems to have a lot of time and testing behind it and the quality shows.

Fox Bobbins

If you’re looking for new indicators I highly recommend these indicators by Fox and by the way I have the purple ones they look so good!

Why do you make your own boilies?

homemadeboiliesquestI literally could write a whole article on this subject because I feel so passionate about making my own baits so I’ll list a few reason why I make my own boilies.

  • To use a bait that’s different to what everyone else is using on the lake
  • To experiment with different types of boilies
  • It’s a challenge
  • It’s fun to make them
  • It’s cheaper than buying boilies from the tackle shop which is great for a pre baiting campaign

If you want to find out more about making boilies I highly recommend checking out my other blog Homemade Boilies Quest.

What’s the next piece of tackle to add to your armoury?

chestwadersI’ve been thinking about this for a while now and I think it’s time to get a pair of chest waders. At the moment I’m not sure which ones to get but I’m sure I will find them very useful.

Theres a couple of reasons why I want a pair. You can cast while in the water to tricky spots and if I’m fishing a swim in which is very shallow close in, in term of fish safety netting them in deeper water will prevent the fish from being damaged.

One other great reason I’ve decided to get waders is you can get your waders wet and slimy, not your clothes so you keep nice and dry while on the bank.

Suggestion of the week

My suggestion of the week is this video by Korda all about carp fishing with limited time.

This is pretty much my current campaign on my local water, doing after work sessions and quick overnighters.

This video is a great example of how you should approach short sessions to really make them worth it and catch plenty of carp.

Have a question?

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FAQ Tackle – Korda, Imitation Baits & Rigs

faqtackleHello everyone and welcome to the first of a new series called ‘FAQ Tackle’.

Here’s the place you can ask all your tackle questions. If you have a question feel free to leave them in the comments below.

So let’s get this show on the road… first question!

If you had to name only one, which would be your favourite imitation bait to use?

kordacornEven though I’ve used many different type of imitation baits my favorite has to be the faithful plastic corn.

You can use it in so many rigs, as a boilie tipper, two grains popped up and even a single sinking corn.

My favourite colours have to be classic yellow and pink because they have caught me so many carp in the past I’m very convenient to use those colours.

Recently I wrote a post on the best plastic baits for carp which is packed with detail about which plastic baits to use and the best times to use them.

What is your go anywhere rig?

Recently I’ve been using to my success my “sneaky” rig and have done very well when the fish are hard to catch. It’s essentially a solid bag rig but with a twist.

The hookbait is a dumbell Mainline new grange hooker turned on it side(I don’t know anyone who does this), chopped on each side to released the favour with an Enterprise mini corn as a tipper.

I use a size 6 Korda Krank hook and N-trap hooklink( only 3 or 4 inches). When using a solid bag rig an inline lead is essential. I personally use a Korda 3oz square pear cause I know that always nails the carp in the bottom lip.

What’s your favourite Korda products?

I use all different products by Korda because of the quality and their customer service is second to none.

ntrap kordaI would say my most used item by them would have to be the N-trap soft. It’s so versatile, you can make so many different types of rigs with it and suits most types of lakes.

It’s probably the only hooklink I would recommend you have your tackle box because in my opinion it’s the most ideal material for 90% of the rigs you will ever need for your own carp fishing.

Suggestion of the week!!!

My suggestion of the week is to check out the latest installment of the Bait-Tech carp series The Carp Catchers 3. It’s full of amazing anglers, latest baits and a huge amount of rig tips, fish watercraft, bait placement and much much more.

Have a question?

If you have any tackle questions and get a chance to feature in FAQ Tackle then leave a comment below and I’ll do my best answer it as informative as I can!!

And remember to check out my carp tackle reviews, full of helpful hints and tips.