What’s the Best Hooks for Zig Rig Fishing?

zig-alignaThis week we’re going to talk all about what the best hooks are available on the market for zig rig fishing.

Zig rig fishing has become very popular in recent years and this method has accounted for lots of carp big and small.

For the past few years I’ve become very fond of zig rig fishing in my own personal fishing and learnt so much I wrote an enjoyable review on the best tackle to use for zig rig which has helped a lot of anglers catch the first zig caught carp.

After writing that post I really want to go more in more detail on the most ideal hooks to use for this method so here we are.

Lets talk about hooks

In recent years zig rig fishing has got so popular with anglers that tackle companies have been producing dedicated hooks for this method of catching carp.

But you really don’t have to go with a zig rig specific hook to fish this method as there are so many patterns of hooks out there that are ideal for zigs.

One huge edge I would give you is use the smallest hook and smallest bait you can get away with while fishing this method as I believe as you fishing higher up in the water level fish can visually see better thus catching you more fish, trust me it works.

I would advise using a size 12/10 hook and see how you go with that, if you’re having trouble landing fishing in weedier type waters then I would move up to larger hook size such as size 8.

The Best Hook for Zigs?

Below I’ve listed the best hooks perfect for zig rig fishing.

ACE Razor Point Zig Hooks

According to ACE they spend over two year testing and tweaking this hook designed for a zig rig presentation.

This hook was tested by many pro anglers such as Terry Hearn and Ian Macmillian that know one or two things about fishing this method so this hook is well worth trying out.
Find them here

Korda Mixa Hooks

Korda Mixa HooksOriginally designed for floater fishing this hook also works amazingly well as a zig hook and is many anglers favourite zig hook.

Built with the shyest bites in mind, also in conjunction with a bait the hook is very concealed.
Find them here

Korda Chod Hooks

Korda Chod HookDesigned for the chod rig presentation it’s also makes great all round pattern which also works well as a zig hook and is my one my personal favourite hooks for zig rig fishing because of the shape and style of pattern of the hook.
Find them here

Fox Arma Point SSBP Hooks

fox ssbp hookLike the Korda Chod hooks the SSBP hook from Fox is another great all rounder type hook ideal for most presentations including zig rigs.

It’s short shank and wide gape pattern makes for an excellent hook hold and you barely lose fish because of its design.
Find them here

Gardner Tackle Covert Mugga Hooks

Gardner Muga Hooks For Zig FishingAnother all rounder, it has an aggressive hook hold which most of the time the hook lands perfectly in the bottom lip. Using an aggressive hook pattern when zig rig fishing can reduce drastically the number of hook pulls which can be an issue with this method.
Find them here

ESP Raptor Big-T Hooks

ESP Raptor HooksA reliable hook for many pro anglers this strong, PTFE coated hook is perfect to get an effective presentation when zig fishing.

ESP have making these hooks for years now with no changes throughout the years so you know they were created to perfection and are well worth a have a few packets in the tackle box.
Find them here

In Conclusion

As you can see there are so many brilliant hooks which are ideal for zig fishing, it’s hard to really know the right one for you. My advise is to try a few different patterns, catch a few fish and stick with the pattern you gain confidence in.

Thanks for reading this post on the best hooks available for zig rig fishing if you enjoyed this article please make sure you check out my guide on the best tackle to use for zig rig fishing.

Korda Kaptor Hooks, Are They The Sharpest Hooks Ever?

After years of fishing using hooks from companies such as Korda, Fox and ESP I wasn’t expecting any change or improvement to my catch rate when using these hooks. Promised to be extra sharp and capped to prevent any damage to the hook point I was pleasantly surprised.

Korda hooks come very nicely presented and are very easy to use.

Korda hooks come very nicely presented and are very easy to use.

Im not sure if it was a confidence thing but my catch rate did improve from my local runs water. I think the theory is that carp pick up your hook bait more times than you really know about as they have a method of blowing the bait back out of their mouths so a sharper hook can help the hook to catch in the mouths better.

Korda Kaptor hooks are a great allrounder hook, used to build rigs such as the standard hair rig to more complicated and complex rigs. Kaptor hooks are not just a carp hook, I’ve had many species on these hooks such as chub and even strong enough for catfish.

The streamline packaging is also a great feature, designed to fit perfectly in any tackle box no matter the quantity. Kaptor hooks come in many sizes, colours and patterns for all types of situation and is worth have a few different sizes in the tackle box.

They come in sizes 12, 10, 8, 6 and 4. They come in two camo coatings gravel and weed. There are three different patterns in the range Choddy, Wide gape and Kurv shank.

If you don’t know where to start I personally would go for size 8/6 Kurv shank hooks because they are for versatile for creating many different rig types.

korda kaptor hook hair rigIn conclusion the Korda Kaptor range has it all, it covers you for wherever, whenever and whatever your fishing. There are many great hook ranges out there but Korda’s Kaptor range really does fit in the top 5 atleast.

You can find these hooks in your local tackle shop or simply find them online from sites such as amazon.

Thanks for reading this review be sure to check out my other reviews and if you have any comments on Korda Kaptor hooks I would be happy to answer them.