My Carp Fishing Setup 2017 Part 2 “Luggage, Shelters and Gadgets”

mirror carpThis week we take a look at my very own carp fishing setup guide which is part TWO of the series.

If you missed part one please check it out here, it includes the rods, reels, rod support and bite indication tackle I currently use in my carp fishing set up.

This guide has been designed to help newcomers to carp fishing and also help those experienced anglers that are looking to upgrade and change their current tackle set up.

In this part of my carp fishing set up guide I will be showing you the chairs, luggage, shelters and other useful items I use in my own carp fishing.

Thank you for reading and let’s get started…


JRC Stealth X-Lite Recliner ChairThe JRC X-lite Chair is one of the lightest, compact chairs on the market and has to be one of my favourites.

It’s very low and comfortable but if you’re looking for a chair with ultimate comfort this may not be the chair for you as it has no major padding or head/neck support.

Great addition if you’re looking to scale down your overall tackle weight or travel around a lot.


The bedchair I use is the super light and compact Wychwood Tactical Bedchair. It’s very stylish, packs away quickly and I highly recommend it.
wychwood tactical bedchair


Luggage again is all down to personal preference and whatever suits your storage requirements. Personally I don’t really like to take to many bags so I often only take a rod bag and tackle/food bag.

Rod Bag

I use a Fox Royale Quiver Combo to store my rods in, also a Trakker Sanctuary Retention Sling, Wychwood net and Avid distance sticks all fit into it. The quiver comes with 3 separate zipped rod sleeves, allowing you to store rods and reels already set up and ready to cast out into the lake. The quiver is fully secure, includes useful handles for putting it in the car, plenty of pockets and is very lightweight and surprisingly compact.

Tackle/Food Bag

Continuing with the Fox Royal range, I use the Fox Royale Cooler Food Bag System to keep my food and tackle in. This bag is great from short sessions or if used just as a food bag it could keep you going for a few weeks. The bag comes with all the pockets you will need and includes a Fox branded cooking cutlery set too. The straps and handles are well-built and extremely padded and I highly recommend it.


For transporting my gear around I use the ever faithful Carp Porter MK2 barrow. Apart from replacing the original tyre with a puncture proof tyre, it’s been very reliable over the past 6/7 years. I probably will never replace it and just replace certain parts when they get too old and possibly give it a repaint job. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable barrow.


Wychwood Brolly
I mainly use my Wychwood Solace Oval Brolly as it’s super quick to set up, lightweight and compact.

If I’m doing a longer session, and need more room or it’s during the winter months I will use my Chub RS-Plus Max Bivvy. The Chub Bivvy is well-built, roomy, can withstand strong winds, includes a peaked extended roof and rod straps, which is great for changing your rigs quickly.


Cookware is another that’s really down to personal preference. I currently use a Fox stove and Wychwood compact kettle. Both small, compact and just work.

I don’t do a lot of cooking on the bank but I am contemplating purchasing a RidgeMonkey Toaster Pan, they look very simple to use and easy to clean.

Other useful tackle


carpfishingsetupThanks for reading My Carp Fishing Set up Part Two and I hope you found it useful in any way.

If you have any questions on my current carp fishing set up or would like to see us review a curtain item of tackle, please give us a comment below.

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My Carp Fishing Setup 2017 Part 1 “Rods, Reels, Line and Indicators”

carp fishing setupThis week we take a look at my very own carp fishing setup. I’ve had plenty of emails recently asking me about what tackle I use for my own carp fishing so I needed to write this guide.

This guide will help newcomers to carp fishing and also help those experienced anglers that are looking to upgrade and change their current tackle set up.

I’ve been fishing for over 13 years now and have used a large range of tackle over the years.

In this guide I will show you the tackle I use, give you useful information and give you my honest opinions on each of my tackle items to help you not waste your money (like I have in the past).

This guide was originally going to be a single post but got too long so part two of this guide will be coming very soon so don’t forget to subscribe!

Thank you for reading and let’s get started…


wychwood c201 carp rods
The Wychwood C-201 3lb test curve rods are the latest addition to my current setup. They replaced my ever faithful JRC defender carp rods which I used for over 5 years. Why replace them you ask? Well I just fancied a change and I’ve always been a fan of cork handle rods but never owned cork handle carp rods.

These rods are thinner, lighter (half the weight) and look so much more stylish than my old JRC rods. I will be reviewing them as soon as I’ve used them for a few months, giving you a full honest review as usual.


shimano ultegra 14000 xtd
I recently added the Shimano Ultegra 14000 Xtd reels to my current setup replacing my old Wychwood Exorcist reels. These reels have to be the best looking reels for your money and are a joy to use. Super lightweight and spool off line on the cast with ease.

Check out the review for the Shimano Ultegra 14000 Xtd reels here.


gardner hd line
Recently switched to Gardner GT-HD line on recommendation from other anglers at my local club water. It’s a great line overall and especially good for weedy waters and when you need to sink the line quickly.

Rod Support/Indication

I’ve been a fan of the Fox Black Label range for while now, the banksticks, buzz bars and indicators look great. All the items in the range are well built and have been very reliable for over a year now.

These items are just personal preference but I would highly recommend them especially the the black label indicators. The indicators are are highly customisable suiting every type of fishing situation and comes in a large range of colours (I have purple ones!).

Bite Alarms

tfg-mag-runner-ignite-bite-alarms-receiverI’ve had my set of TFG Mag Runner Ignite Alarms for over 3 years now and to be brutally honest I would not recommend them to anyone.

Occasionally the battery slips from the back making the alarms unusable and the receiver only works when it wants to it seems and finding an instructions for them is impossible.

The only reason for not upgrading them is mainly down to not having the spare cash and these will be the next items I will be changing in my tackle set up. And for anyone wondering I have be looking at Delkims and Gardner ATT alarms as they seem to be reliable, well built bite alarms.


mirror carpThanks for reading My Carp Fishing Setup 2017 Part 1.

Make sure you check Part 2 next week as we will be exploring what other tackle I use in my own carp fishing such as shelters, luggage, cookware etc.

If you have any questions on my carp fishing setup, then please leave them in the comments below.

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Loads of Brand New Products from Fox Coming Soon!

In the last few weeks, carp tackle giants Fox have hinted that they would be releasing a shed load of awesome new tackle for all of us to use on the bank.

This article will give you the low down of what’s set to come our way soon from Fox.

Let’s get started

The Reflex Compact bivvy

Designed for the angler looking to scale down their gear and keep mobile but still wants the comfort factor.


  • Same Ventec Rip Stop fabric used on the standard Reflex Bivvy
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Includes Three door panel options – Solid Ventec, Clear PVC or Mozzy Mesh
  • All door options feature double zips so they can be used letter box style
  • Front and Rear mozzy mesh vents for increased airflow
  • Internal mesh pockets, ideal for storing small important items
  • Optional bivvy skin is available, perfect for the winter months

The Compact bivvy including the groundsheet, poles, pegs and carry bag weighs approximately 10.5kg. Available for around £359.99.

R-Series Camo Recliner Chairs

– Including Foxes unique camo trim throughout
– Micro fleece memory foam mattress (great for bad backs!)
– Extra padded top sections
– Fully adjustable legs and large swiveling mug feet
– Fully reclinable back for extra comfort
– Available in 3 different sizes; R1(small), R2(medium) and the R3(large)

Available for around £80-£100.

The Duralite Chair

– One of Fox’s lightest chairs to be released, weighing approximately 3.2kgs
– The framework, micro mesh and minimal padding aids in comfort while keeping the weight down
– Includes fully adjustable legs and large swiveling mug feet

The Duralite will be available for around £84.99.

Exocet Trans Khaki Casting Line

exocet trans khaki
– Low visibility Trans Khaki blends virtually disappears on lakebed and in midwater
– Great knot strength and low memory
– Low diameter and supple making it perfect for long range casting
– Great abrasion resistance considering low diameter
– Supplied on 1000m bulk spools available in 10lb, 13lb, 16lb ,18lb 20lb and 23lb

The Exocet Trans Khaki Casting Line is priced at £19.95 per spool.

Power Grip Catapult Method Pouch

Power Grip Catapult
– Lightweight and effective groundbait casting pouch
– Super strength elastic
– Curved ergonomic handle perfect for continuous catapulting

Available for around £12.99.


Fox are set to release all new clothing that will be added to the all so popular CHUNK range, this summer.

Check out them out below (click the pic for a closer look then click to close the gallery).


We can’t wait to try some of these new Fox products out on the bank and possibly review of these products for you guys in the future.

What’s your thoughts on the new tackle releases from Fox? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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New Super Smart Boilie Air Dry System by RidgeMonkey Coming Soon!

ridgemonkey mk2 airdryerRidgemonkey are set to release an all new smart modular boilie air dry system very soon and we’re all very excited about it.

This new air dry system by tackle innovators RidgeMonkey is essentially based on their original air dry system which was the very first product RidgeMonkey released. The new mk2 air dry system has been completely redesigned, including all new handy features which make drying/storing bait on the bank much easier.

The new mk2 will include an all new quick release strap, making it easier to hang and remove the air dry system from any branch without the need to break or look for a short enough branch.

ridgemonkey mk2 airdry system - quick release strap
The straps have been reconfigured making the air dry system even stronger, it includes the same framework as the original and a huge amount of surface area to dry your boilies on.

The new mk2 also includes a quick release boilie caddie, which you can remove from the air dry system and simply strap it around your waist, ready for you to bait up your chosen area.

ridgemonkey mk2 airdryer boilie caddie
Another great feature of the new mk2 air dry system is that it’s modular, meaning you can buy separate air dry sections which you can strap to the two air dry sections included with the mk2.

You can attach an infinite amount of separate air dry sections to the system, so you could dry out as much bait as you wanted using the same air dry system.

Each air dry section can store up to 5kg of boilies and the boilie caddie will store up to 3.5kg.

The air dry mk2 which includes the two air dry sections and the boilies caddie will be priced at £21.99 and the additional air dry sections will be priced at around £8.

ridgemonkey mk2 airdryerWe’re really excited about using one of these new RidgeMonkey mk2 air dry system’s so expect a full review of it when it’s finally released very soon.

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Super Smart Modular Bucket by Ridgemonkey Coming Soon!

ridgemonkey modular bucketEarlier today, tackle accessories innovators RidgeMonkey have released details of a new exciting product that I’m sure you will see a lot of anglers using on the bank in the months to come.

Essentially it’s a modular, multi compartment bucket, ideal for separating bait and tackle.

The two lidded trays included can be kept inside or attached to the outside the bucket for extra convenience whilst on the bank.

If like us you like to separate baits into different buckets, then this product will make you very excited. Ideal for those mobile type anglers and an excellent product for stalker & floater fishing.

As an example with this bucket you could keep your loose feed bait in the main compartment, pva mix in one tray and pva tackle items in an other.

This super handy modular bucket by RidgeMonkey will be available in July and can be found in two different size options, 17 and 30 litres.

For more details on the new RidgeMonkey Modular Bucket check out the video below.

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6 New Must Have Carp Fishing Products in 2016

This week we look at 6 of the latest must have carp fishing products in 2016.

This year has been an amazing year so far for tackle releases, that will revolutionise the way we go fishing.

Below is our top tackle picks for this year so far.

Let’s get started!

RidgeMonkey Action Station

ridgemonkey-action-stationIn fishing the smallest things that can make the biggest differences to your fishing, that’s why RidgeMonkey have released this small but super useful product.

Essentially it’s a small sealable container designed to keep all of your important items at the ready during your session. Not only that, it’s built so you can virtually place it anywhere you want.

You can have it at the ready at the top on your bivvy, making rig modifications super simple or you can easily attach it to any bank stick or storm pole.

The RidgeMonkey Action Station has a simple slide locking mechanism, keeping your items nice and dry in any condition. The Action Station includes built in dividers giving you precise organisation of all your tackle items inside.

Find the RidgeMonkey Action Station here

ESP Cryogen Hooks

If you’re looking for a range of hooks that can cope with the strain of weedy or snaggy conditions while retaining a standard wire gauge and weight then check out this new range of hook’s by ESP.

These hooks have been in development for over three years and have been rigorously tested by some of the best anglers in the UK including legendary big fish angler Terry Hearn.

esp cryogen hooks
There are three different hook patterns in the range that will cover most rigs and situations.

Find the ESP Cryogen Hook range here

Fox Camolite Bucket Carryall

fox-bucket-carryallIf you like to keep mobile with minimal gear when fishing a lake or river, these new Bucket Carryalls from Fox will be the one for you.

The Camolite Bucket Carryalls are available in two size options, 10 litre and 17 litre. Both sizes include a detachable padded strap and built in padded seat.

The 10 litre option’s front pocket can house a medium size tackle box and the 17 litre will house a large tackle box.

Each option comes with two large side pockets, but the large 17 litre bag includes an insulated pocket, ideal for keeping a small amount of food in or even frozen baits.

This product is perfect to house surface/floater items and even ideal for stalking sessions.

Find the Fox Camolite Bucket Carryall here

Korda’s New Ready Tied Rigs

korda-hinge-rigKorda has added some awesome new rigs to their already extensive range of ready tied carp rigs.

These rigs include some of the most popular rig presentations used by carp anglers today, including the Hinge Stiff Rig and the Multi Rig.

These rigs have been tied to perfection, using quality components and have been rigorously tested by some of the most influential anglers in the carp fishing scene.

You can find these new pre tied rigs in a vast amount of hook sizes and hook types.

Find the Korda New Ready Tied Rigs range here

Trakker NXG Bitz Pouches

trakker-nxg-bitz-pouchesTrakker’s new NXG Bitz Pouches are essentially a range of tackle storage pouches but with a difference.

These nifty tackle containers include a front clear panel which allows you to quickly find what you need, which is simple but very effective. There are three different sizes in the NXG Bitz range which are small, medium and large.

The pouches have been carefully designed to fit perfectly into any bag and to help house and organise items with help of the built in removable dividers included.

Find the Trakker NXG Bitz Pouch range here

Nash Stuff Sacks

stuff sacksThe new Nash Stuff Sacks are 100% water resistant drawstring bags designed to keep its contents super dry.

The new stuff bags come in 3 sizes:

  • Small – which is ideal for keeping items such as electricals and other small items.
  • Medium – which is great for items such as clothing.
  • Large – super handy for keeping items such as waders or a barrow wheel.

The Stuff Sacks incorporates Nash’s unique camouflage design throughout. Lightweight and easy to store anywhere you wish.

Find the Nash Stuff Sacks here


Thanks for reading our 6 New Must Have Carp Fishing Products in 2016 guide.

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Carp Tackle and Bait to Look out for in 2016 so far…

After a month of new tackle and bait releases, this week we discuss some of the gear we will be seeing a lot more of as the year progresses.

Here’s a list of tackle and bait that we all excited to see and use in 2016 so far.

Tackle being released this year

Korda Zig magnet

Korda Zig Magnet

  • Designed for the zig rig enthusiast
  • Allows you to cast safely without nicking any sticks, rock or trees behind you
  • Screws into any storm pole or bankstick
  • Built in strong magnet to hold your hook and hookbait in place until you cast out
  • Built for longer zig’s in mind

Korda Black and Whites Indicators

  • Design by Damien Clarke
  • A slick futuristic bobbin style design
  • Initially designed for fishing with a tight line at range or against features
  • Look completely different to the stow design

Wychwood t bar digital scales

Wychwood dual screen scales

  • Dual screen so you and others can share weigh reading duties at the same time
  • Upgraded cosmetics such as the new black paint job
  • T-bar and scales as one combined product
  • Affordable accurate scales for carp fishing

Wychwood stove

Wychwood stove

  • New futuristic design
  • Light, compact and stable
  • Strong power output
  • Comes with padded case

Avid indicators

Avid indicators

  • Slick bobbin design
  • Screw and unscrew different options
  • Designed with long and close range fishing in mind
  • Various colour options available

Shimano Tribal reels

Shimano reels

  • Slick black and silver design
  • Big pit style
  • Quality and reliable reel

Bait being released this year

Spotted Fin

Spotted Fin

  • Brand new bait company
  • Products for carp anglers and bait enthusiasts in mind
  • Slick branding and package design
  • Product information soon to be released

CCMoore pacific tuna range

CCMoore pacific tuna

  • Like previous ranges before it, large captures have already been out using this bait range
  • Extensively tested with great results
  • Large amount of items available in this range such as liquids, pellets, pop ups and wafers
  • All natural ingredients that carp love

CCMoore krill micro mass

Krill Micromass

  • A natural product
  • Can be used in various ways to attract the carp to your hookbait
  • Super oily and fishy attractor
  • Gets the fish grubbing on the bottom

Sticky baits manilla range


  • Extensive testing leading to some successful captures
  • Packaged full of carp attractors such as peanut meal and vanilla extract
  • Designed to be an all year round bait
  • The sticky baits team contains some of the top names in angling


Thanks for reading our guide to the tackle and bait we’re all looking forward to using this year. Obviously this not all the new stuff planned for this just a handful of top products that have been shown so far.

For those interested in learning more about the tackle and bait being released this year, I would highly advise you visit one of the angling shows which are dotted around the country this year.

I personally will be attending The Big One in Farnborough, Hampshire. I’m looking forward to checking out all the new tackle and talking to some of my angling idols.

Thanks for reading this guide on the top tackle and bait being released this year. If you enjoyed this post please be sure to check out our other tackle reviews and carp fishing guides.

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