Carp Tackle Coming Very Soon to 2018

This week we look at the tackle we know that will be released this year.

Even before the fishing show season has started for the year some tackle companies have already let slip on some new and exciting carp gear set to be released in 2018.

Let’s take a look at some new tackle set for this year…

Nash Pinpoint hooks and hook sharpening tool range

Working closely in partnership with Pinpoint, Nash are set to release a brand new set of hooks and hook sharpening accessories. Nash claim the hooks are lighter, much sharper out of the packet and up to 50% stronger.

We are all very excited for this release and are looking forward to testing these hooks out on the bank.

Look out for reviews of this range where we will undoubtedly give them a serious testing to let you know if they are really worth the money.

Ridgemonkey Deep Tray

The Ridgemonkey Deep Tray is designed specifically to fit the 30 litre RidgeMonkey Modular Bucket System XL and featuring folding support legs, the Deep Tray is over twice the capacity of the regular XL tray and opens up even more storage options for the Modular Bucket System XL.

A simple idea but a smart move by RidgeMonkey giving you a lot of options for bait storage and perfect for longer trips on the bank.

Gardner Specialist Sharpened Mugga hooks

According to Gardner the new range of specialist sharpened Mugga hooks are hand sharpened to perfection by Jason Hayward.

Jason has created a reputation over the last few years as a master of sharpening hooks to perfection and now is working with Gardner to create this specialist hook range.

The hooks are looking to be sold at a higher price point than regular carp hooks so are they really worth the £7.99 retail price? Look for our review of these hooks very soon.

Ridgemonkey hooklink range

Not much is known about the Ridgemonkey hooklink range but we know they will be releasing three colours in the range, weed green, gravel and clay (we will update this when we know more details).

We’re looking forward to this range and hope Ridgemonkey are bringing us something new and not just another hooklink range.

More new releases in 2018:

Thinking Anglers are set to release short Tapered Rig sleeves/kickers with a matt finish.

Solar Tackle are set to release their new P1 indicator heads this year.

KODEX are set to rest their new “intelligent” butt rod rests this year.

Ridgemonkey unconfirmed releases

For the past month we have seen the Ridgemonkey team let slip on tackle they’re testing and currently in development.

A few photos have been posted of Ridgemonkey pop up pots, these could simply be stickers on the pots or Ridgemonkey working on a special pop up range which will be their first dive in to the carp bait world.

Others photo have been spotted of a possible rig tool range by Ridgemonkey too.


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What’s The Best Bivvy Of 2017? – Bivvy Shootout 2017

best bivvy 2017This week we take a look at all the latest bivvies released in 2017.

All the bivvies in this guide are brand new for this year and some are updated versions with added features.

This guide gives you all the features you will need to know about each bivvy and we aim to include bivvies that suit every type of angler and angling situation.

If you’re new to carp fishing or would like to know more about bivvies and what features you should look out for when buying one then check out this guide.

Let’s get started…

The Nash Titan Bivvy

Quick Summary

  • Based on the original Titan design
  • Unique lightweight block for enhanced rigidity
  • Quick to assemble
  • Includes a front peak, removable front panel and velcro rod straps
  • Multiple frontdoor choices including a mozzy mesh panel
  • T pegs and carry bag included

You can find it here

Prologic X1 Bivvy

Quick Summary

  • Includes an exclusive X block design for solid construction and stability
  • Large front peak
  • Rear mozzy mesh panels for superb airflow throughout the bivvy
  • Spacious with plenty of head room
  • Multiple frontdoor choices including a mozzy mesh screen
  • Optional front panels and a winter overwrap are available (sold separately)

You can find it here

TF Gear Airflow Bivvy

Quick Summary

  • Unique puncture resistant air pole design
  • Quick assembly using a pump
  • Front peak included
  • Solid construction and extremely rigid
  • Multiple frontdoor choices including a mozzy mesh and clear panel
  • 1 man and 2 man sized versions are available

You can find it here

JRC Defender Peak Bivvy

Quick Summary

  • Water resistant materials throughout
  • Small and lightweight
  • Includes a front peak and rod retention straps
  • Mozzy mesh and clear front door options included
  • Rear mozzy panels for added airflow throughout
  • A winter overwrap is available separately

You can find it here

Chub Cyfish Bivvy

Quick Summary

  • 4 section rib design for small compact pack down size
  • Including a unique back draft rear ventilation system
  • Mozzy mesh and clear front door options included
  • T pegs and carry bag included
  • Available in 1 man and 2 man sized versions

You can find it here


Quick Summary

  • Quick assembly
  • Front and rear mozzy mesh panels
  • Made from high quality materials
  • T pegs and carry bag included
  • Available in 1 man and 2 man sized versions

You can find it here

Avid Tardis RT Bivvy

Quick Summary

  • Two spread rib system design
  • Flat front and rear design
  • Includes a front peak and 6 rod retention straps on the sides of the bivvy
  • Variety of front door arrangements
  • Includes a heavy duty clip-in groundsheet
  • A winter overwrap is available separately

You can find it here

Cyprinus Pleasure Dome bivvy

Quick Summary

  • Quick assembly
  • Spacious design
  • 2 velcro retention straps included
  • Multiple frontdoor choices
  • Rear ventilation
  • An overwrap is included

You can find it here

AQUA Camo Atom

Quick Summary

  • Boasted as the most compact, lightest pram hood bivvy available on the market
  • So compact it can be easily strapped to any large rucksack when it’s packed into the carry bag
  • Groundsheet and overwrap are available separately
  • Mozzy mesh and multiple front door configurations included
  • A unique camo Aquatexx material is used throughout protecting you from the elements
  • Ideal for small swims, canals and river fishing

You can find it here

A short guide on buying a bivvy

Things to look out for when buying a bivvy:

Make sure the bivvy comes with good quality durable T pegs.

If you are only fishing day sessions then a brolly system is ideal because of it’s light weight design and quick assembly, giving you more time to set up the rest of your gear.

If you’re planning on using the bivvy for longer fishing sessions then make sure the bivvy comes with a heavy duty groundsheet and find out if an overwrap is available as it will remove any condensation, keeping you warm and dry.

If you are planning to fish abroad then a full bivvy system with front and rear ventilation is an excellent choice.

If you’re planning on taking a friend night fishing or just want more space to storage your gear then a two-man bivvy is recommended.


Thanks for reading our 2017 bivvy shootout guide.

If you still haven’t found the right bivvy for you then check out our previous bivvy buying guide, full of bivvies we still highly recommended.

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What’s the Best Carp Fishing Hook? Hook Shootout 2017

Hook Shootout 2017This week we take 5 branded carp hooks and make them go head to head in a series of tests to see which hook reigns supreme.

Each hook will endure a strength test, an underwater corrosion test, a sharpness and quality test out of the packet.

This test will also take into consideration price as this is an important factor when choosing a hook.

The reason this test came about, was after a discussion on hook brands with a few regular readers of the blog.

After searching the web for a similar test I found nothing and this is most likely due to carp magazines and website having strong ties with most big tackle brands. If a hook had bad results in a comparison test this would ruin any advertising features with that brand in the future.

This tackle blog is lucky as it’s always been independent in any views and is not biased to any tackle brand, just a carp angler that loves talking about carp fishing tackle.

The hooks going head to head this test are the following:

Fox Edges Arma Point Curve Shank Hooks
Fox Edges Arma Point Curve Shank

Nash Fang Twister Hooks
Nash Fang Twister

Drennan Super Specialist Barbel Hooks
Drennan Super Specialist Barbel Hooks

ESP Cryogen Curve Shanx Hooks
ESP Cryogen Curve Shanx Hooks

Korda Kaptor Weed Kurv Shank Hooks
Korda Kaptor Weed Kurv Shank Hooks

Each packet of hooks are a similar size (size 6) and are a similar pattern which are curve shank pattern.

Let’s begin the test…

Sharpness test

All the hooks seemed to be sharp out of the packet as expected but the hooks that stood out here was the Fox hooks.

They seemed to be a little sharper than the others, having a longer hook point is most likely the reason why they appeared to be the sharpest out of the packet.

Strength test

In the past I’ve a had a few branded hooks open out and damage largely due to the fact they wasn’t the strongest for snaggy type lakes. Using a weak hook can result in losing fish, so this part of the test should be interesting.

The first two rounds of the test consists of adding weight to the hook to see if any hooks would result in opening up or damaging due to the pressure.

The first round I added 1.5lb (0.68kg) of leads to the hook and all hooks past this strength test as you would generally expect.

Next round I added 8lb (3.62kg) of leads to the hooks and yet again every hook past this test.

Due to not having any more weight I could add to the hooks I came up with another not very scientific way to test the strength of each hook… by crushing them with pliers and here’s the results:

  • The Nash/Drennan hooks were very easy to crush.
  • The ESP hooks were a little harder to bend.
  • The Korda and Fox hooks were even harder to bend than the ESP hooks

Quality test

One of the biggest complaints you hear a lot is quality of the hooks out of the packet so this had to be included in the hook shootout. Was there any inadequate hook that would be more suited for the bin than in the lake? Let’s find out.

Every hook seemed to look consistent in quality and sharpness as would be expected.

The Korda hooks stood out in terms of quality as they have a dark PTFE coating with a non coated, corrosion resistant hook point where the other hooks have coating all the way throughout the hook.

Every hook in this test was undamaged and ready to be casted out which I am very pleased to report.

Underwater test

Although this test may not affect the short session angler that regularly uses brand new hooks. For those who need to leave a rig in the water for a larger amount of time choosing a hook that does not easily rust or damage is of paramount importance.

In this test the hooks were placed in water to set times to see what would happened to the hook quality.

After 24 hours there was no signs of rust on each hook. After 48 hours there was still no rust or damage to any of the hooks, resulting in a rethink of how the test would continue.

I decided to try leaving the hooks for a longer duration, which was a few days to see if any of the hooks would survive not rusting or damaging and here’s the results:

  • The Fox hooks were most rusted and large patches of rust
  • The Korda and Drennan hooks had small patches of rust
  • The ESP hooks had one small patch of rust near the eye of the hook
  • The Nash hooks surprisingly did not rust at all


Cost can also be a crucial factor when choosing a hook, using a brand new hook regularly can result in more fish and this is a method that a lot of good anglers use to great effect.

Surprisingly the Nash Fang Twister hooks came out the most expensive and the Drennan Super Specialist Barbel hooks came out the cheapest.

Here’s the price difference below:

Overall results

Due to the strength and sharpness out of the packet, I would say the Fox Edges Arma Point hooks are ideal for short sessions on weedy/snaggy waters.

If you fish a lot of different types of waters, a good all rounder hook is ideal such as the Korda Kaptor hooks or the ESP Cryogen hooks. These hooks have the strength and sharpness to cope with most waters.

If your fishing long sessions and need to leave your rig in the water longer than 24 hours than the Nash Fang Twister hooks should cope in this situation due to its anti corrosive properties.


Thanks for reading our Hook Shootout 2017. This guide is a little different to anything we’ve posted on the blog before so if you enjoyed it please let us know in the comments below.

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The Latest FREE Carp Fishing Tackle 2015 DVD From Nash Tackle

It’s finally here! The new action packed Nash Tackle DVD full of some superb features, covering every type of style of fishing for carp.

The inspirational DVD covers every fishing situation in great detail, your sure to pick up a few tips, even for the experienced angler.

The DVD features so much carp fishing tackle you could fill a tackle shop with it all. It includes all Nash’s latest innovations including a new “scope” range for the mobile angler and new bait range called “The Key” and much much more.

This Nash masterpiece features so many pro anglers including Simon Crow, carp legend Steve Briggs, Alan Blair, YouTube’s Carl and Alex Smith just to name a few.

So what are you waiting for check out the new Nash 2015 DVD below.

Nash H-Gun Rod Pod – The Review

Nash H-gun Rod PodFor this weeks review I will be reviewing the ever so reliable Nash H-gun Rod Pod. I’ve owned this pod for well over 3 years now and has never let me down.

Now days the fashionable thing to use is bank sticks and pods are rare used, but in curtain situations rod pods dominate.

Take for example your fishing a lake with wooden platforms or even fishing somewhere with hard ground a rod pod really does make your fishing and setting up a lot quicker and easier.

When I used bank sticks in the past I used to spend way to long perfecting the position of the sticks when I could have used a pod and been fishing in a matter of a couple of minutes.

Below I will go into detail on the features and uses of the Nash H-gun Rod Pod.

Great for platform swims

The reason I purchased the pod in the first place is because I was fishing a local day ticket fishery which the swims had wooden platforms and I just wanted to be fishing a lot quicker, also carrying a mallet around with you just adds to your gears total weight.

Rod pod’s is also great for rough and uneven terrain because of their goal post designs and also can adjust the legs height.


The pod is incredibly stable because of its goal post style frame ensuring total rigidity and also can reduce false indications which is a great bonus especially in windy conditions. The pod also includes top quality solid bank sticks with a spiked end for extra stability.


The Nash H-Gun Rod Pod is very easy and quick to put together compared to other rod pods on the market.

There is no need for any additional tools to assemble it such as a hammer or mallet. Putting the rod pod away is also a joy because of it’s fold flat design.

The pod is extremely lightweight and comes with a compact zipped carry case. The carry case comes with extra pockets which is great for storing items such as snag bars, rear rests and indicators.

The design

The rod pod has a very carpy dark green matt finish and all the bank sticks have a gripped coating making it easier to adjust in wet conditions. The pod looks incredibly stylish and gives your rods a real smart presentation on the bank.

nash rod pod

Is it value for money?

This rod pod by Nash is extremely excellent value for money retailing for under £50 and for the quality you get in return you can’t fault it. The pod comes in a two and three rod options so there is something for everyone’s style of fishing.

As I mentioned earlier I’ve had the H-gun pod for over 3 years now with no issues, no rust and I use all it for 100% of my fishing.

You can find the Nash H-gun Rod Pod from your local shop or purchase it from amazon like I did.

UPDATE (28/10/2017): This rod pod looks to be discontinued now and will be replaced with the new KNX Rod Pod.

Thanks for reading my review on the Nash H-gun Rod Pod, if you’ve also used this pod and have anything to add or if you have a question about this rod pod I would love to hear them in the comments below.

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