Carp Tax? Where to Find Cheap Alternative Carp Fishing Tackle

We all spend a small fortune on the tackle essentials such as rods and reels, which is a must for any budding fishing enthusiast.

But there are some areas in carp fishing where you can save some of your hard-earned cash.

Ever heard of the carp tax?

Well I could’ve just made that up, but essentially the carp tax is the cost added to a generic product that is re purposed and sold to carp anglers for much more than it’s sold elsewhere.

Now I’m not saying that the carp tax is a bad thing because most tackle brands take the product and make small adjustments with the carp angler in mind but this is often cosmetic changes, for example adding camo to the product.

If these small changes are unessential to you to save you some money then you’ve come to the right place.

The items below are products very similar to products targeted to carp anglers without the carp tax which can be found at a much cheaper price.

Let’s get started…

USB Rechargeable Headlight

USB Rechargeable headlights are the latest trend with carp anglers but can be an expensive purchase. With a good search around online, similar headlights with the same features can be found at half the price.

usb headtorch for carp fishing

The iKross USB Rechargeable headlight includes most of the functionality that you will get with most carp branded headlights such as including White LED’s that can light up to 220 lumens of brightness which provides 500 feet lighting distance on high mode.

The iKross USB Rechargeable headlight includes a powerful red light mode which allows you to better preserve night vision which is ideal for casting in the dark.

The iKross USB Rechargeable headlight can be found for around £20 which is more than half the price of most USB rechargeable headlights you will find in the tackle shops, bargain!

Shrink Tube

If you love rig making and want to save some money, most shrink tubing types are used and sold in the electrification market. It can be often bought in larger quantities and at a much cheaper price than most carp branded shrink tubing.

For example, you can find 1 metre of 1.6mm brown shrink tube on Amazon for around £1.59, this is a great price and will last you a surprisingly long time.


Lots of carp brands have their own range of cookware but they can often be expensive but if we look at the camping market you can find a great deal and save a lot of money.

For example, the Aloc Kettle includes heat transfer technology which means you save fuel and will be 30 percent faster to boil. The Aloc Kettle has 0.9L volume capacity, heat proof lid, dedicated drawstring bag and can be found on Amazon for around £10 cheaper than other similar kettles.

Pop Up LED Camping Lantern

If you’re looking for cheap and cheerful LED lights to place around your swim whist night fishing then look no further than these pop up LED camping lanterns from iGadgitz.

These lights can be hanged and placed anywhere, super compact, lightweight and can be found for under £6 on places like Amazon.


We all love super stylish carpy clothing but sometimes you need to find some cheap and cheerful alternatives that still work well as bank side clothing.

Green Hoodie

You can find super cheap earthy coloured hoodies on Amazon for under £11, which are are surprisingly comfy and long-lasting.

In the winter months, waterproofs are a must if you plan to be on the bank for the duration but they can be expensive.

Don’t worry, you can find the Regatta Stormbreak Fully Waterproof Leisurewear Jacket for under £11 and will keep you nice and dry in those winter months and also a great item to always keep in the car throughout the year.

Terminal Tackle

If you fish a lot of snaggy or weedy specimen carp waters a popular technique is to drop the lead which brings the carp up in the water and can often be the only way to land these specimen carp but there is only one draw back.

Each lead lost will cost you around £2, which doesn’t sound a lot but you could end up losing around 10 leads per session and this price can build up over a period of time.

The way to save a huge amount of money is to buy leads in bulk. Company such as Buzz Tackle Leads offer bulk leads that are high in quality and each lead will cost you around 60-80 pence.

Bait Containers

If you’re a fan of pre-soaking hookbaits or simply make your own carp baits, these containers from Sourcing Map are so cheap and superb quality.

The Sourcing Map range includes containers ideal for homemade carp liquids or goos, screw lid containers that are ideal for soaking pop ups or nuts and smaller screw lid containers that are ideal for soaking plastic baits such as plastic corn.


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9 Smart Ways to Save Money in Carp Fishing

9 smart ways to save money in carp fishingThis week we look at 9 super smart ways to save money in your own carp fishing.

Carp fishing can be an expensive past time, so over the year’s we’ve gathered some tricks and tips to save money and still enjoy the sport we love.

Saving money in your own carp fishing can prevent most anglers from giving up completely. We would advise though that you don’t cheap out on certain tackle items from experience, such as bite indication, weighing gear, carp care, but there are some tricks and tips, if money is tight.

Let’s get started!

Season tickets

Fishing MembershipIf you’re an avid angler and you’re currently purchasing day tickets on a regular basis and wish to save money then it’s well worth investing in a season or yearly ticket.

With day tickets going up and up recently, purchasing a season ticket can save you lots of money in the long term.

Some syndicates will have seasons, some will allow you to join straight away and some you may need to join a waiting list in order to join.

Do your research before joining a new lake

On the same subject as the tip above, make sure you do your research into the lake you’re looking to buy a ticket for, as if it’s not right for you it can be a complete waste of money. Make sure it fits your style of fishing, has the type of fish you want to target and includes the facilities you require.

Do your research into tackle

Before making your next tackle purchase we would advise doing a little research into it before handing over the money.

Find useful tackle reviews, talk to other anglers and shop around so you don’t waste your money on the wrong product and end up replacing it in the months to come (we have all been there).

bivvy shootout 2015

For example, our guide to the best bivvies is a great resource if you’re looking to purchase a new bivvy including all their features, price and where find them.

Terminal tackle you can find elsewhere

Now I’m giving away a top secret, not all tackle/rigs components can be found in a tackle shop… as a little disclaimer though all the tackle sold by fishing brands have been tested by anglers so it’s more trustworthy thus the price differences.

shrink tube
You can find items such as shrink tube, crimps and other items in builder merchants for much cheaper prices than tackle shops and you can find them in larger quantities you just need to shop around.

Make your own rigs

If you’re making your own rigs already then you can skip this tip, but if you’re not making your own rigs, buying pre tied rigs can be costly, so investing in the terminal components to make your own rigs such as hooks, hooklink material, swivels etc will save you money in the long run.

Making your own carp rigs
Making your own hooklinks, leadcore/leaders and even leads can save you lots of money too.

Be rig smart

hook sharping kitUsing quality rig components will make your rigs last longer that’s a fact, but one way to make sure every bite is counted for, it’s well worth investing in a hook sharpening kit.

This will help keep the point of your hook extra sharp, making it harder for the carp to eject accounting for more bites on the bank.

Buy used tackle

usedtackleshopNot a fan of used tackle your thinking?

You will find people tend look after more expensive items of tackle such as bite alarms and bivvies so finding these items cheaper in relatively good condition is easier than you think.

We would advise buying used tackle from a reputable used tackle dealer and would avoid social media selling pages as they are more likely to be selling stolen tackle which is devastating for the victim.

No need for a pro camera

Smart phones these days are more than capable of taking excellent trophy shots. You can even find accessories that make taking photos on your phone by yourself a great deal easier too.

phone mount
There are plenty of quality photo editing apps such as Instagram that make editing a photo easy, so getting the perfect shot doesn’t have to cost a bomb.

Bait tips

One great bait tip is buy bait in bulk volumes, you can find large quantities of pellets, particles, groundbait etc from some tackle shops, farm feed shops or wholesale food stores.

bulk fishing bait
One effective way to save money on baits and give you a great edge on the bank is making your own bait. You can make your own particles, spod/stick mixes and own homemade boilies, which is so much cheaper than shop bought baits and is easier than you think.


Thanks for reading our 9 smart ways to save money in your own carp fishing.

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Best Carp Rod? The Fox Warrior Carp Rod Review

Warrior®-S---FOX-RodsThis week’s tackle review of the Fox warrior carp rods.

This week’s review comes to you from carp addict James Samways.

He has owned a pair Fox warrior rods from around 5 months and is edger to spread the word on how much he loves his latest carp rods.

Why did I buy the product?

Initially I needed to upgrade my rods because my previous carp rods were falling apart so I needed to find a more reliable carp rod.

After thinking about what I wanted for my next rods I also wanted to upgrade my test curve from 2.75 to 3 ptc too. I wanted to find a blank with a built in line clip with a more stylish design and the Fox warrior rods ticked all the boxes for me.

The top features


  • The rod has a built in line clip which increases indication sensitivity and creates bolt rig effect when you get a run
  • The rod has large thick line ring guides which makes the line flow through with ease
  • With a 3ptc plus version makes casting large leads easy
  • The rod has a good bend which makes it easier to avoid hook pulls from any size of fish
  • The rod has balanced weight distributed throughout the rod, from the handle to the tip, making your cast more efficient

The warrior model has been around for a long time with only minor adjustments added to each latest model so know you’re getting quality for your money.

Other details

  • This rod comes in a few various test curves such as 2.75lb, 3lb and 3.5lb
  • You can also find this rod with a cork handle option if that’s something you favour
  • You can find this rod in numerous rod lengths such as 10ft, 12ft and 13ft

After using the rods for over five months I would highly recommend them to anyone I know as Fox know how to create quality carp rods.

How much and where can I find it?

You can find this rod for around £70 from your local tackle shop or buy from amazon for a little cheaper.


Warrior®-S---FOX-RodsThanks for reading this review of the Fox warrior carp rods.

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Wychwood Solace Fishing Brolly – The Review

wychoodsolacebrollyreviewThis weeks review is the Solace Brolly from Wychwood.

We find out what situations this brolly is ideal for and why using a brolly is more effective than using a tradition bivvy.

We cover all this brolly’s top features, so you can determine if this brolly is the one for you and your style of fishing.

Why use a brolly?

Why use a brolly instead of the tradition bivvy you’re asking, well there are numerous situations where a brolly can come in very useful.

wychwoodbrollyMost brollies can virtually fit into any swim, big or small, which is ideal for tight swims, canals and rivers. The Solace is also ideal for quick overnighters and also setting up in the rain because is so quick to set up.

Brollies recently have become very popular in carp fishing because their overall size and weight is very minimal which helps you be mobile if needed.

Packing away quicker can really help you get on the fish, if you spot them on the other side of the lake and you need to move quickly a brolly is ideal.

Top Features

Below is a list of the top features of Wychwood’s Solace brolly.

  • Super lightweight
  • Comes in 2 different sizes – 50 and 60 inches
  • Quick to assemble
  • Storm poles for windy/stormy days
  • A heavy duty groundsheet
  • Quality ground pegs
  • Ultra water proof materials
  • Quick push/pull brolly mechanism, helping you setting it up in seconds
  • Comes in a lightweight bag
  • Packs down well which makes it ideal for smaller cars or if you’re tight on space
  • Comes in a dark green colour which blends into your natural surroundings

How much room does the brolly have?

As much as the Solace is compact and can fit into tight swims, you can easily fit a bed chair in there and there’s still enough space for a few tackle/clothing/food bags.

How does it react to rain and wind?

The brolly comes with a device they call a rain bar which guides the rain down the sides of the brolly which is a unique feature you may not find on any other brollies.

It also comes with some very strong storm poles which makes the brolly very stable in any extreme conditions.

Where can I find the Wychwood Solace Brolly?

You can find the Solace Brolly in most local tackle shops or for convenience you can find it online from places like amazon.

The conclusion

wychwoodsolacebrollyThe Solace Brolly by Wychwood is a quality piece of kit which is ideal for day and night fishing. I’ve personally have owned this brolly for a few months now and I’ve had no issues what so ever and overall am very with the quality and structure of the brolly.

I hope you have enjoyed this review of the Wychwood Solace Brolly. If you have any questions about this brolly I will do my best to answer them in the comments below.

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Nash H-Gun Rod Pod – The Review

Nash H-gun Rod PodFor this weeks review I will be reviewing the ever so reliable Nash H-gun Rod Pod. I’ve owned this pod for well over 3 years now and has never let me down.

Now days the fashionable thing to use is bank sticks and pods are rare used, but in curtain situations rod pods dominate.

Take for example your fishing a lake with wooden platforms or even fishing somewhere with hard ground a rod pod really does make your fishing and setting up a lot quicker and easier.

When I used bank sticks in the past I used to spend way to long perfecting the position of the sticks when I could have used a pod and been fishing in a matter of a couple of minutes.

Below I will go into detail on the features and uses of the Nash H-gun Rod Pod.

Great for platform swims

The reason I purchased the pod in the first place is because I was fishing a local day ticket fishery which the swims had wooden platforms and I just wanted to be fishing a lot quicker, also carrying a mallet around with you just adds to your gears total weight.

Rod pod’s is also great for rough and uneven terrain because of their goal post designs and also can adjust the legs height.


The pod is incredibly stable because of its goal post style frame ensuring total rigidity and also can reduce false indications which is a great bonus especially in windy conditions. The pod also includes top quality solid bank sticks with a spiked end for extra stability.


The Nash H-Gun Rod Pod is very easy and quick to put together compared to other rod pods on the market.

There is no need for any additional tools to assemble it such as a hammer or mallet. Putting the rod pod away is also a joy because of it’s fold flat design.

The pod is extremely lightweight and comes with a compact zipped carry case. The carry case comes with extra pockets which is great for storing items such as snag bars, rear rests and indicators.

The design

The rod pod has a very carpy dark green matt finish and all the bank sticks have a gripped coating making it easier to adjust in wet conditions. The pod looks incredibly stylish and gives your rods a real smart presentation on the bank.

nash rod pod

Is it value for money?

This rod pod by Nash is extremely excellent value for money retailing for under £50 and for the quality you get in return you can’t fault it. The pod comes in a two and three rod options so there is something for everyone’s style of fishing.

As I mentioned earlier I’ve had the H-gun pod for over 3 years now with no issues, no rust and I use all it for 100% of my fishing.

You can find the Nash H-gun Rod Pod from your local shop or purchase it from amazon like I did.

UPDATE (28/10/2017): This rod pod looks to be discontinued now and will be replaced with the new KNX Rod Pod.

Thanks for reading my review on the Nash H-gun Rod Pod, if you’ve also used this pod and have anything to add or if you have a question about this rod pod I would love to hear them in the comments below.

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The Review – Wychwood Exorcist Big Pit Reels

wychwood exorcist big pit reelFinally when I got around to updating my regular carp reels to something more big pit style I really did my research, looking at all the big pit reels on the market and the Wychwood Exorcist Big Pit reels really did stand out for me for many reasons.

There was many factors I looked for when buying a new reel such how much line you can get on the spool, smoothness, ease of reeling action and of course price. The Wychwood Exorcist reel comes available sizes the 65 holds 290m of 18lb line or the 75 holds 320m of 18lb line. Your thinking the reel must weigh a lot heavier with larger line capability but your wrong, the Wychwood Exorcist Big Pit are very light weight which makes casting a joy.

The Features

Some of the features of the reel are 12 ball bearings and an oversized main shaft, which in english means the reel is very easy to use, smooth and so far I’ve had no issues with the reel’s core mechanism. The reel has very large spool, by having a large spool the faster the line can leave your reel, so in theory this will allows you to cast further and with ease.

The first time I used these reels are really noticed the difference, casting long distances and reeling back in was a real joy. Other features on this reel include a very well designed line clip that makes clipping the line to the spool easy and hassle free, once you have finished your fishing session.

The Biggest Factor For These Reels

I would say one of the biggest factors when looking to buy new reels is price and these reel’s by Wychwood gave me personally all the features I needed for large waters at a very good price compared to the others reels on the market. You can get these reels for just under 70 pounds which compared to reels by companies such as Diawa which can set you back a couple of hundred pounds, these reels are a great bargain.

In conclusion these reels by Wychwood are top quality, great for casting long distances and you buy them for a very good price. You can buy the Exorcist Big Pit reels from all good tackle shops or you can simply find them from amazon like I did.

If you want to know more about these reels you may want to check this very informative video below.

If you have any questions about these reels please leave a comment below, I would be very happy to answer them and be sure to check out my other reviews.

ESP PVA Mesh, My Favourite PVA Ever!!

I’ve used many PVA  funnel systems in the past but the ESP mesh is my favourite for many reasons. This mesh is great for making PVA bags and sticks, big or small. Its the perfect mesh for  bagging up boilies, pellets, maggots and moist stick mixes.

The ESP mesh kit come with two different coloured plungers green and orange, the choice is yours.

The ESP mesh kit come with two different coloured plungers green and orange, the choice is yours.

There are many factors when it comes to using a certain PVA  mesh such as reliability, price and the length of the mesh. The ESP mesh is very reliable PVA unlike others on the market such as PVA mesh from Fox and Korda that can tear and fray on occasions. I would say that the ESP mesh has a tighter weave too quick keeps all the bait compact and prevents it from escaping.

PVA bagsI would say one of the main factors I personally use ESP mesh is the price, I found that others on the market were just way to expensive. The initial PVA mesh kit is just under £8 which comes with a refill, plunger kit and a sealable tube(never had any issues with water getting in). You can buy the refills separately which are also very cheap and also very compact so you can keep a few back ups if your going for a longer session.

The ESP mesh comes in 3 sizes 32mm, 25mm and 20mm. I personally use the 25mm mesh as I find its a great allrounder and versatile diameter. I find that small coin sized PVA bags are the most effective and the ESP mesh at 25mm really is ideal.

In conclusion the mesh from ESP is a great allrounder, reliable and great value for money. I been fishing for over 16 years and I have tried many other PVA’s but ESP mesh is the one I have in my tackle bag.

You can find PVA mesh in your local tackle shop or simply from amazon.

If you have any questions relating to this review please leave your comments below,  I would be very happy to help. If you are new to carp fishing or just want to know more about PVA mesh and how it can help your fishing, please check out the video below.